How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy In 5 Easy Steps

Decor | January 15, 2021

Fluffy bed

You know those fluffy looking beds you see at places like Pottery Barn? Well, I am sharing with you five easy steps to create this look for your own bed.  Building layers is the key to this full, cozy look. I also share tons of decor sources for you to access this look.

How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy In 5 Easy Steps

Fluffy and cozy bed

This week on Instagram I shared a video tutorial on how to create a cozy-looking bed.  The video stirred up a lot of great interest and conversation, so I thought I’d wrote this blog post.

Here are five easy steps to create that fluffy, full look.

Step One On How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy: Pull all bedding basics plus the quilt to the top of the bed.

Bedding basics pulled to the top of the bed.

Think about the basics of a bed (sheets, bedding blanket, comforter, etc.); you are going to first pull all of those to the top of the bed. I love having a lot of layers, but if you prefer less, leave off the comforter and/or blanket. Then, top it off with a quilt and pull that all the way to the top of the bed too. 

I always suggest using a white quilt for its light, airy look and seasonal versatility (easier and cheaper to change out throw pillows and blankets you drape on top of the bed than entire sets).

Step Two On How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy: Stack sleeping pillows against the headboard and place sham pillows in front of them.

Sleeping pillows stacked behind shams.

Next, you will add your sleeping and sham pillows! There are several ways to approach this step, but here is what I do. Take your sleeping pillows and lay them flat against your headboard. Take your standard/king size sham pillows and place those in front of the sleeping pillows, as seen in the photo above.

Step Three On How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy: Add Euro-sized and accent pillows.

Euro pillows in front of shams.

Then, add euro sized pillows! These pillows are 26 x 26. Here is the guide for how many with different size beds:

  • Twin size bed: 1
  • Queen size bed: 2
  • King size bed: 3

I like to channel my inner Karate Kid and give them a “chop” to get that full and fluffy look. LOL!

Euros plus decorative/accent pillows

Next up, add your accent pillows. You can see in the photo above, I placed two slightly smaller size pillows (22″)  in front of the Euros, then another pillow (that was even smaller, 18″) in the front.  Play around with the look you like! Some prefer a lumbar pillow instead of the square pillow.

Step Four On How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy: Tri-fold a duvet comforter at the base of your bed.

Tri-folded duvet/comforter at the base of the bed.

At the base of the bed, place a tri-folded comforter or duvet. For my bed, I actually used a quilt layered on top of the duvet comforter instead of a duvet cover.  You can get creative with what you may have on hand.

How to tri-fold a duvet/comforter:

  • Lay your duvet comforter out on your bed. 
  • Pull the top corners down about a 1/3 of the way over.
  • Pull the bottom corners up over the other layer you just pulled down.

Step Five On How To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy: Drape a bedding blanket on top of the tri-folded duvet comforter.

Drape a bedding blanket on top of the folded comforter.

Drape another blanket on top of the tri-folded duvet/comforter.  This is that extra layer that makes for pure coziness. I suggest purchasing a blanket that is close to the size of your bed. It will allow for plenty of fullness and draping off the size of the bed, which is what you want for this look!

All done! I hope you feel inspired to make your own bed look fluffy! Creating this look can be easy and very rewarding!
What step helped you the most?

Full view of fluffy bed.

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