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A Fun Balance Of Home Decor And More

Decor | November 9, 2018


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I have known this talented and truly genuine friend for some time now. I even had the privilege to meet her this past July at the Haven Conference we both attended in South Carolina. For this week’s “Friday Favorite” blogger (check out the previous weeks “Friday Favorite” posts here, here, here, here, and here), I am honored to share her with you. Meet Lindsay, over at Aratari At Home. Not only does Lindsay have an eye for great home decor and is an awesome DIY-er, but she also shares all things related to her motherhood journey (PS: you’re going to fall head over heels for her little boy, Dominic) and her love of fashion.

Lindsay is a great example of how, as a blogger, you can successfully bring the areas of your life that are most relevant into your blog.


Home Decor

Lindsay and her family reside in an early 1900’s home that they have been making into their dream home. Her ability to have a vision for a space is definitely inspiring. From painting rooms and organizing kitchen spaces, she can do it all. I love how she decorated her home for fall. Her use of various textures and layering creates a cozy vibe. Lindsay has transitioned the space below by adding a cozy, large sectional and a tee-pee into a playroom as her family has grown. It’s fun how she talks about this process as a blogger!



Motherhood and Family

Looking for some great ideas on how to have cute birthday parties? Babyproof your house successfully? Lindsay shares all kinds of amazing tips and tricks when it comes to motherhood and little ones. I love to see how it brings her joy too; her family shines a lot in this community as they celebrate the value of family.


Linens & Hutch



Lindsay has such a warm feeling when she takes you along on her try-on sessions. I love her style and how she shares all aspects to what she trys on. You can tell she truly enjoys engaging with her followers on Instagram and her blog, as she has a way that lets you know she genuinely is having fun and loves the products she stands behind. She also has great style ideas for babies and toddlers. Dominic is always looking adorable!



LIndsay is such a beautiful friend, both inside and out! Doesn’t she do such an incredible job of balancing the different passions in her life? It is a blessing to follow along her journey. I am grateful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross and now yours have too! Head over to check out her full blog, Aratari At Home.

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