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Top 3 Places To Visit In Waco Texas

Family | November 8, 2018


I’m writing this as we are making our way back to Birmingham, AL after a 2-day whirlwind trip to Waco, TX.  For some time I’ve wanted to go visit the Magnolia Silos, see my best friend from college (who has a fabulous line of earrings), and have a peaceful getaway with my husband.  This trip was nothing short of perfect, and we fell in love (again) with the charming city of Waco.

 As we reflect back upon our time there, I wanted to share my top three places I recommend you going while in Waco.


Gathering Oaks Retreat

When we first began lining up flights and figuring the best time to visit, I was hearing a lot of wonderful reviews about a retreat center called Gathering Oaks Retreat .  I reached out to the owners, Brandon and Lacy, about staying in one of their tiny houses for our lodging. 


The night we landed in Dallas to drive on to Waco, we arrived very late and Lacy (whom we loved getting to visit with while there) had left the front porch light on for us.  As we walked in we immediately felt at home and cozy in this tiny house.  It had everything you needed, from wonderful smelling soaps, to plenty of amenities and even a kitchenette. It was SO charming.



 We loved this special place! We enjoyed the grounds which consisted of well-kept landscaping (rose bushes, stone pathways), a fire-pit, twinkling string lights in the evenings bringing an inviting glow to the courtyard, and fun games for couples and families alike.

We walked away giving this place a 5-star review and hope to go back soon.

Magnolia Market


Seeing the Silos and Magnolia Market for the first time was so exciting. I had been waiting on the day to visit this place where so many travel 100s and even thousands of miles to take in.  It truly was a destination that was worth the trip. 

From the time you enter the store until the time you walk out, you just feel so inspired, almost like you’re a personal guest of Chip and Joanna. Everywhere you look, you want to take a picture because it’s all so well laid out and chock full of endless décor goodness.


We were fortunate enough to go when the store was decorated for the Holidays, and it was nothing short of perfect.



My husband and I enjoyed the outdoor areas too; you can stroll through a lovely garden where they offer feed and seed products as well as, lounge around a central green field, or swing on oversized porch swings in another garden area.


The details make these places so special. It’s truly a warm, family-friendly place to spend the afternoon.  Food trucks, water stations, beanbag chairs, and festive music keep all ages and entertained. 

The Findery


Our visit to this store was not nearly as long as I had hoped for, but I soaked in as much of its goodness as I could in the time period we had.  It’s full of found treasures, makers’ items, clothing, and of course farmhouse and rustic décor pieces. 

My best friend, Katy, whom we visited the store with, sells the earrings she makes here, and it was a joy getting to see her work so beautifully displayed in this environment. 


My favorite part of the store was their displays, which were so well done, with various textures and layers that leave you feeling excited to create too! I enjoyed getting to step into this Waco store; it truly is a unique gem. Plus it’s a short walk from Magnolia Market.


This trip was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend these three places when you visit Waco, Texas.  You are sure to walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed, and inspired. 


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