Fall Farmhouse Bedroom Design Reveal

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Fall Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration Board

Fall Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration Board

Did you guys have a chance to see my post from a couple of days ago, where I shared the above inspirational pieces for my fall farmhouse bedroom design? Without further ado, I cannot wait to share all the details and overall finished look with you! I am so happy with all of the pieces I received from Joss & Main; they are truly beautiful, functional, and nailed the fall farmhouse vibe I was going for in our bedroom.

Fall Farmhouse Bedroom

Fall Farmhouse Bedroom

Neutral Fall Pieces

When decorating for the various seasons, I like to add a splash of seasonal color or an item(s) that reflect that holiday/time of year. So when I was choosing my fall bedroom pieces, I kept a neutral palette but focused on bringing in the perfect fall item: pumpkins! These steel pumpkins (one is squatty, one is tall) from Joss & Main (that can hold a real candle or battery-powered light) instantly create fall in this space. Their texture is sturdy and I love the detailing on the stems and leaves! As the sun goes down, it is so fun to light these with our battery-powered candles and enjoy the glow of it glimmering our bedroom.


I wanted to have pumpkins spread out through our bedroom, so it just was perfect to add this gorgeous watercolor pumpkin pillow. Its soft look and pop of browns and grays blend seamlessly into our everyday bedding.



If you all have followed me for a while now, you probably know how much I love decorating with layers and textures throughout my home. With fall, I love it even more, haha! I try to have blankets in all of our main living areas as well as in our bedrooms. This blanket instantly stood out to me when I was on Joss & Main’s website. The tassels, textured fabric, and weight all were perfect for our fall bedroom. Whether you drape it over a bench at the end of your bed or use as an everyday bedding layer, this splash of color for fall is sure to keep you warm and cozy.



One of the last wish-list items for our bedroom was extra seating for us to put on our shoes, or set things down until we could put them up. I knew that my heart’s desire was to have a tufted, farmhouse style bench, and this one from Joss & Main exceeded my wishes. Not only is it so comfortable to sit on, but it truly completes and grounds the space surrounding our bed. This bench provided the look and function we desired for our room.


Are you guys inspired to go create your own fall bedroom now?

I hope so! These pieces from Joss & Main are sure to have you longing for the day to end so you can relax in the glow of these candle-lit pumpkins, and curl up on a cozy bed with the perfect blanket.

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