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How To Style A Not So Spooky Halloween Party Food Table

Holidays | October 16, 2019

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[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


One of my favorite memories of Halloween night is having the before trick or treating dinner party with our family. My older sister hosted a Halloween, pre-trick-or-treat party for many years. We have years of pictures with all of our children sitting on her front steps in their costumes. But, as our children have gotten older, they’ve been going all different directions now. So this year, I wanted to have a not so spooky Halloween party at our house for whoever could come, family and friends alike.


Styling a not so spooky Halloween party food table was something I was so excited about doing. After all, who doesn’t like to have some delicious goodies before heading out to trick-or-treat? So, I knew that the food table would be something that I wanted to make special but also very do-able time and budget-wise. By following these suggestions, you too can style a not so spooky Halloween party food table! Also, for your convenience, I have a complete product list at the end of this post so you can recreate this exact tablescape! Ready to get started?


I found everything I needed at JOANN! They had a wide selection of Halloween decorations, cake stands, tiered trays, and paper products, plus their colors were spot-on for the look I was going for. I wanted the table colors to be mostly black and white, with a splash of orange. They had a fantastic budget-friendly option for the table backdrop I wanted to use, plus it was in line with my color palette. It was a win at JOANN, and I couldn’t wait to get home to set it all up!

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First, create a backdrop for your table. I found this amazing Cheer & Co. 13 pk 6′ Party Backdrops-Black backdrop! It took my blank wall and transformed it instantly. I chose to tape the individual links, and it took me under five minutes to do! A backdrop defines the party food table space. This adorable and affordable backdrop can be found here.

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Second, set up your party food holders! I chose to add some galvanized pieces to add texture to my table. This galvanized cake stand-scalloped found here, and a 2-tiered galvanized metal tray (similar tray here) were such fun treasures to find at JOANN, I couldn’t have been more excited to have these for my food table. Tiered trays are a great way to hold several different sized items such as the candy apples I placed in the bottom tray while I added these fun Maker’s Halloween Decor 32 pk Classic Ornaments-Orange & Black found here to the top tray.

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Image credit:

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Third, sprinkle in Halloween decor items such as the Maker’s Halloween Large Jack-o’-lantern Porch Sitter found here and these adorable Maker’s Halloween 8 pk Pumpkins in Bag-Black & White found here. I already had the all-white pumpkins on hand, so I just added those to the table as well. A fun tip for the galvanized pumpkin? Instead of placing a battery-powered candle in it, use these Maker’s Halloween Decor 25 ct Orange Mini LED Lights on Silver Wire found here instead! It makes for a fun glow for your party food table.

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Lastly, I added some other items like black and white paper straws found here and small candles in glass holders. You can continue adding these ornaments here around the food table as well, to spread out the orange color they bring to the table.

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A party food table works best when you have varying heights. As you can see, by placing the cake stands, wooden riser, and tiered tray, it makes room for more visibility of food and increases its overall aesthetic. While I did have a table set (I’ll show it below), I still wanted to make room for additional plates and napkins here as well (good idea for those who want seconds!).


As far as food goes, we had a fun menu that included the following:

  1. Homemade sugar cookies with white glaze and edible eyes. We used this cookie cutter found here to make them with!

  2. Cupcakes with black, buttercream icing and wrapped in these adorable cupcake liners.

  3. Candy Apples


Each place setting included a silver plate found here, this Maker’s Halloween 6.88” Lunch Plate-Jack-o’-lantern found here, and a large napkin-black found here. Everything was set on top of a Table Cover-Black found here. I simply wrapped the ghost cookie in a party bag and tied it with this orange ribbon as a party favor. Then I sprinkled in more of the white pumpkins I had on hand, a strand of the mini led lights found here, black and white pumpkins, and ornaments for the centerpiece. Centerpieces do not need to be too high, as it blocks the view of guests being able to see one another.


What do you all think of this not so spooky Halloween party food table? It came together so easily, with a one stop shop at JOANN for all the decor and food pieces. The party was a hit, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share in some Halloween fun with friends and family alike. Are you ready to try your own food table out? Below is the list for all the product used for your conveiance.


Product List For A Not So Spooky Halloween Party Food Table

  1. Maker’s Halloween Decor 25 ct Orange Mini LED Lights on Silver Wire found here.

  2. Table Cover-Black found here.

  3. 2- tier galvanized metal tray (similiar tray here)

  4. Maker’s Halloween Large Jack-o’-lantern Porch Sitter found here.

  5. Cheer & Co. 13 pk 6′ Party Backdrops-Black found here.

  6. 20ct Large Napkin-Black found here.

  7. Maker’s Halloween 8 pk Pumpkins in Bag-Black & White found here.

  8. Maker’s Halloween 8 pk 6.88” Lunch Plates-Jack-o’-lantern found here.

  9. Galvanized Cake Stand-Scalloped found here.

  10. Maker’s Halloween Decor 32 pk Classic Ornaments-Orange & Black found here.


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