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One Room Challenge: Week 2 (Mood Boards And Progress)

Decor | October 10, 2019


Hi friends! Welcome back to week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you missed week one, you can go check it out here. I share all about my goals for this challenge and tons of before pictures. Before I walk you through the mood boards for the space and progress updates, you can go here to check out all the participants for this challenge. It’s already been so fun joining alongside so many creative and talented other blogger friends!


Let me first share with you a before of this space so you can envision along with me the mood board for the one large space, I am transforming into two. I will be creating a small cozy den plus a teen girl bedroom! As you can see, it is one big space that had no real design plan and outdated and mismatched furniture. It just doesn’t function as we had initially intended it to when we moved into our home a few years ago.



Before I share the mood boards, I wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made through conversations with our contractor. First, we met with our contractor to discuss plans for this space. My original thoughts included having two barn doors placed in the middle of the wall that would connect the two spaces. However, after thinking it through , although I love the look they would offer, it would not offer complete privacy from the bedroom and the den. So, we decided to do a 6 panel door instead. Function is so important in design!


Secondly, as part of the bid our contractor sent over, we also asked him to include the cost of taking away our can lighting and replacing the ceiling fan with new lighting. In his terms, wire lighting receptacles to separate rooms. I am excited about this change because lighting can make a huge impact on a space when transforming it. I’ll share more about the lighting choices below. Also of note, my daughter wanted these spaces to be bright! So we will be painting the walls Dove White by Benjamin Moore.


Third, after receiving our overall price for “Build wall @ upstairs bedroom to make 2 seperate rooms ; Oneroom 12′ x 18, another 11′ x 18 / wood framing; drywall finished; Paint new wall and disturbed walls / Install 32″ six panel door ; bedroom hardware / Install matching wood base/Wire lighting recepticles to seperate rooms”, our desire to replace the carpet would have to hold off. The good news is, that we will still have the look of new flooring by adding a new, gorgeous area rug to each space.


Now for the mood boards! I had the best time working my oldest daughter on her new bedroom selections. She is a gal who knows what she does (and doesn’t) like haha! The overall look of the room is fun, inviting and perfect for her age. Some of my favorite parts are her desire to have bright/electic artwork, ruffle bedding and curtains, and maintain functional needs like a desk, nightstand and dresser. This room will be 11 x 18 feet, which is a longer more narrow space. I have had to get creative on how to place these items in her space but I think we’ve done it. More on the layout in the next couple of weeks!


This cozy den space has to be one that offers ample seating and a place to relax! It will be 12 x 18, able to hold a sectional sofa. Sectional sofas define coziness!! I also wanted to have additional seating and plan to add some floor pillows or poufs. The design board above includes a coffee table that doubles as storage. I also am excited about the lighting fixture I’ve chosen, a large wooden bead one. This room will hopefully hold many memories for our children and their friends.



The contractor plans to get started next Monday, I am so excited! I will be taking you along with me over on my Instagram stories (@shegaveitago); I’d love for you to join along with me there too! Also, I have spoken with several companies that are going to help sponsor this challenge. I will be sharing along the way which companies those are, and what they contributed. For items that are not sponsored, we will be working on finding budget friendly options that I will also link for you along the way. Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge. You will have so much catching up on all the other participants as well here.



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