Silly Spider Cookies For Halloween

I wanted to share an easy and silly spider cookie recipe that children are sure to love. It is perfect for any Halloween class party or kids Halloween party favor. There are few ingredients and no baking required, you simply assemble each cookie and will love how they turn out. Great activity for all ages!


I love a recipe that requires no baking and can get my children involved! That is exactly what this easy and silly spider cookie for Halloween is all about. I just love how fun this activity is, and the silly spin that add to what can feel like a creepy part of Halloween, spiders, to one that turns silly. And, the pretzels with the chocolate and candy corn all taste delicious. Let’s walk through this simply yet darling Halloween treat!

This silly spider cookie recipe is part of the seasonal simplicity series hosted by Krista over at The Happy Housie. Once you get to the end, be sure to check out all the spooktacular Halloween DIY ideas shared by several other bloggers.



  • 1 Package Oreos (I used the BOO! Halloween design package; loved the orange icing!)

  • 1 Bag of Pretzel Sticks

  • 1 Can Frosting (black or white)

  • 1 Small bag of Candy Corn

  • 1 Package of Candy Eyeballs



First, take out however many oreos as spider cookies you want to make. Then, break each pretzel stick in half and add 8 “legs” to each oreo cookie. Tip: the cookies are a bit fragile (they easily break, I learned the hard way haha!), so be gentle when adding the pretzels to them. Space out evenly on both sides.


Next, pour out several candy corns onto your work space and simply pop off the white ends of each candy. These are the spiders “teeth”! They are so light weight, that you simply push them into the oreo icing a the “front” of your cookie spider. These teeth definetely add some silliness!


Lastly, you add the candy eyeballs! They do not have to be perfect, as the eyeballs and frosting adds to the fun of these cookies. I simply used a knife to scoop a very tiny amount of frosting out of the can and onto the back of the candy eyeballs. Then you just lightly press them onto the top and in the front of the cookies. If you do not have any candy eyeballs laying around you can also use a large dot of white frosting with a smaller dot on top of chocolate icing as an alternative.


I hope you enjoyed learning about this easy Halloween recipe! Let your children help you make these and take them as “treats” to their class or use them as party favors for your next Halloween party. Everyone will love how cute they are and how delicious they taste.


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