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How To Create The Perfectly Organized Kids Closet

DIY | August 8, 2019


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by The Container Store; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


My son is starting kindergarten this year, and I knew that with this big transition, he needed a significant overhaul of his cluttered and unorganized closet. So many things had been collecting over the years from preschool, clothes he’d outgrown, sporting items, and more, that it was difficult to find items quickly and I wasn’t sure what all he did have for school to wear. With some fantastic pieces from The Container Store, the result was a restored space, restored to functioning correctly as a closet for a growing boy.



I am so thrilled to share the progression with you! Follow these steps, and you too can create the perfectly organized kids closet. This project is another one of my efforts to add better organization to our home (check out our perfectly organized pantry here, perfectly organized closet here, toy organization here, and perfectly organized bathroom closet here, and perfectly organized laundry room here).

I LOVED undertaking this kids closet makeover. You know why? Because of the dramatic results it produced!



Paul’s closet really was affecting his ability to find things himself and added stress because of its chaotic feeling. This transformation, yet again, spurs me on to tackle other “eyesores” and poorly organized spaces down the road because of the difference it makes in our family’s day-to-day life and relief it provides.

Now, I am going to take you step-by-step on how to do this in your own kids closet(s). Let’s get started! Plus, at the end of the post, I provide you with a product source list for you to easily recreate your own kids closet makeover.


With there being so many items that he no longer used (old clothes, toys he’d outgrown, etc.), and several items that needed to be thrown out or placed elsewhere in our home, I knew the first step was to take everything out.


As you can see, I completely emptied his closet; nothing remained. It already felt better! As I emptied his closet, I created three piles: keep, give away, and trash. The keep pile included items that would be going back into this space plus other items that needed to go to a different space in our home (i.e., keepsakes, additional sporting pieces, seasonal blankets, etc.).

Now that I had my sorted piles, it was time to bag up all the items that were to be taken to charity in black trash bags and move them out of the house. We had a total of three large black trash bags to donate from his closet! I also threw away several broken/mismatched bins, pulled out the storage bench, and other items that were not needed and not worth giving away.


This project, like other organizing projects, is great to get your children involved too! My son did everything from sorting socks that were “keep vs. throw away,” to assembling The Container Store pieces we would be placing into his closet. Having your child help gives them the opportunity to own a task and build confidence, like our son felt when had filled a bag of clothes he’d outgrown to give to his little cousin!


For the items we kept, it was time to have some fun by figuring out how to properly arrange them. I found amazing baskets, a rolling dresser, a hanging organizer, and other pieces from “The Container Store,” and I knew that they were going to bring me the look and functionality I had been hoping for! One of my favorite parts was just breathing new life back into this space. My growing son would now be able to find exactly what he’s looking for and everything would have a “home.” I began placing all these pieces in the closet with a purpose.


As you can see, Paul’s shoes found a designated home with this White 2-Tier Adjustable Shoe Rack from The Container Store. I assembled it quickly, and in no time his shoes were off the floor and organized by pairs once again.


Next up was placing his new big boy socks near his shoe rack, and these Navy & Ivory Rugby Stripe Storage Cube with Rope Handles were the perfect solution. I love how these cubes can hold a lot but are still sturdy when not completely full (thanks to the included board inserts). Plus, what’s not to love about a classic stripe? The other cube holds his belts.


Paul does have a dresser in his room, but it is not a large one. We were needing additional drawers for what was overflowing and too full in his other dresser. The Container Store offers an amazing solution to this dilemma with these Like-it Clear Stackable Drawers which they offer in small, medium, and large. We chose to use two small and two medium drawers. These drawers hold his bathing suits, pjs, and sports clothing. It’s such a relief to have it not bunched up all in his one dresser anymore! Plus, these stackable drawers can become rolling by adding these Like-it Casters White Set of 4 like we did! Win-win and so versatile.


I am in love with these Farmhouse Open Canvas Storage Bins with Labels! We used these same ones in our master closet makeover and can’t get enough of them. They are as equally nice looking as they are functional. These bins are holding his blankets as well as overnight bags. The canvas material allows them to expand somewhat to hold thicker items like his blankets and bags.


I highly recommend these Whitewashed Wooden Storage Bins with Handles! They are so sturdy and are exactly what I needed to hold books that we rotate from his wall shelf.


As parents, one of the ways we have learned to decrease the potential to add stress to a school morning is to have outfits planned out the night before. I knew this would ring true with Paul starting kindergarten, and wanted to plan out a week at a time his clothes so it was one less thing for him or me to worry about on these mornings. This Grey 10-Compartment Hanging Shoe Organizer is not only a wonderful solution for shoe storage, but to hold little one’s clothing as I did. Each day’s outfit is ready and easy for Paul to get.


Lastly, this amazing White Over the Door 6-Hook Rack helps maximize storage in his closet. With several hats, they had been just piled up on the floor of his closet, not even realized what all he had to choose from. With this new hook system, he can clearly see and get to the hat he wants to wear that day.


Your child’s closet can be easily organized in a 1/2 days work; even shorter if you have help! By emptying out your space first, finding pieces that will function for your child’s closet needs, and then adding back in all the essentials, you can create the perfectly organized and stress-free kids closet of your dreams! Ready to get started?


Organized Kids Closet Product List:

White 2-Tier Adjustable Shoe Rack found here.

Navy & Ivory Rugby Stripe Storage Cube with Rope Handles found here.

Like-it Clear Stackable Drawers found here.

Like-it Casters White Set of 4 found here.

Farmhouse Open Canvas Storage Bins with Labels found here.

Whitewashed Wooden Storage Bins with Handles found here.

Grey 10-Compartment Hanging Shoe Organizer found here.

White Over the Door 6-Hook Rack found here.


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