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5 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Front Door for Memorial Day

Collaboration | May 18, 2023

This article provides five easy steps to help you decorate your front door for Memorial Day, including selecting a festive doormat, adding colorful flowers, hanging a DIY wreath, displaying Americana decor, and lighting up the entryway. From flags to flowers, these steps can help you create a festive and patriotic entryway with ease. Scroll down to check it out!




This post on Memorial Day decorations for your front door contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.

5 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Front Door for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and decorating your front door is an easy yet effective way to show appreciation for this special day. In this article, I’ll provide you with five easy steps to get your front door ready for Memorial Day. From selecting a festive doormat to adding colorful flowers and displaying Americana decor, I’ve got you covered. So let’s get started and make your front door festive!


I found everything I need at JOANN! They have a vast array of Memorial Day décor, floral, and outdoor games.

I cannot wait for you to see how easy it is to decorate your front door with these five steps I am sharing. Scroll down to check them out.

Step 1: Choose a Festive Doormat for Your Front Door For Memorial Day


front door decorated for Memorial Day


One of the first steps in decorating your front door for Memorial Day is selecting a festive doormat. This is the perfect opportunity to add personality to your entryway while setting the tone for your patriotic decor.


doormat with bicycle on it, red geraniums, white lantern

Look for doormats that feature red, white, and blue colors or have a patriotic design, such as stars or stripes. I chose this cute bicycle doormat from JOANN. I loved this 30″ x 18″ Summer Blue & Red Plaid Rubber Doormat by Place & Time too! You can also opt for a simple and classic look with a plain doormat in a solid color, such as navy blue or red.

Once you have chosen your doormat, it’s time to move on to the next step of adding some colorful flowers to your front porch.

Step 2: Add Some Colorful Flowers


up close of red gernamium

To take your Memorial Day decor to the next level, consider adding some colorful flowers to your front porch. Flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to your entryway, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your design. You can opt for hanging floral baskets, potted plants, or a flower vase arrangement on a side table. JOANN has all of these options online or in their stories.


Front door with hanging basket, geraniums, lanterns, and ferns

Choose flowers in red, white, and blue hues to stay true to the patriotic theme. I chose to use these Bloom Room Spring Geranium Potted Arrangements – Red from JOANN and some ferns I already had on hand.

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Step 3: Hang a DIY Wreath


brown hanging basket with red, white and blue flowers


A front door wreath is a classic way to add a festive touch to your decor, and Memorial Day is no exception. This 18.5″ Patriotic Woodchip & Star Wreath by Bloom Room is my favorite one JOANN had for Memorial Day. Or, you can create to make your own wreath. It is not only easy but also gives you the freedom to customize it to fit your personal style.


To start, gather materials such as a basket, floral picks, faux florals, and greenery. You can opt for traditional red, white, and blue flowers or choose a unique color scheme. Simply arrange them in the basket until you achieve the desired look.

Below are the exact florals I used in my arrangement:

Be sure to fluff and adjust as needed to create a complete and balanced wreath.

With your DIY creation in place, your guests will feel welcomed with that extra special touch.

Protip: Be sure to check out this DIY patriotic door basket idea too!

Step 4: Display Americana Decor By Your Front Door on Memorial Day

To fully embrace the spirit of Memorial Day, adding Americana decor to your front door is a must. From flag bunting to small flags in planters, there are endless ways to showcase your patriotism. Not only does it add a patriotic touch, but it also serves as a reminder to honor those who have served our country.

To avoid going overboard, choose one or two flag-themed pieces to incorporate into your decor. If you have a potted fern or another plant by your door, try adding a small flag or picks, as I did here, to the center of the plant. I used 28″ Patriotic Multi Glitter Star Stem by Bloom Room from JOANN.


You can also hang a flag bunting above your door or add a few small flags to your potted plants.

Once you’ve added your Americana decor, it’s time to move on to Step 5.

Step 5: Light up Your Entryway

Now, it’s time to focus on lighting up your entryway. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and accentuating your decor.

One option is to add string lights to your porch or front door area. They provide a charming touch of light that can guide your guests to your front door. Another option is placing lanterns on your porch steps or by your door. They can create a warm and welcoming glow. These 14″ Summer White Lanterns by Place & Time are perfect from JOANN.


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Decorating your front door for Memorial Day is an easy and fun way to show your patriotism and spread holiday cheer. By choosing a festive doormat, adding colorful flowers, hanging a DIY wreath, displaying Americana decor, and lighting up your entryway, you can create a front door that is both simple and patriotic.

Happy Memorial Day, and let’s never forget the sacrifices made by those who served. John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

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