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5 Ideas For A Lovely Fall Front Door

Decor | September 13, 2019


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” -F. Scott Fitzgerald. Isn’t this so true?! One of my favorite parts about fall is driving around with the windows down and admiring peoples front door fall decor; whether it’s piles of pumpkins surrounding the space, cornstalks adorning the walls of doorway or mums in planters! I just love seeing all the rich fall colors and all that a new season brings to peoples homes! As you probably guessed, decorating our front door area is something I enjoy doing for our home, and I am excited to share five ideas for a lovely fall front door. These suggestions will create a fabulous and welcoming first impression for friends and family alike.


When I set out to create our fall front door, I found everything I needed at JOANN! They had a wide selection of fall florals, wooden fall signs, fall pillows, and doormats. Their budget-friendly faux pumpkins (love having faux because of how long they last and how heat-resistant they are) were in line with my color palette, had great texture, and came in numerous sizes. Each of these items blended nicely with a farmhouse look, too. It was a win at JOANN, and I couldn’t wait to get home to set it all up!

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Decorating your front porch doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. These five ideas are affordable, easy to execute, and will have your front door ready for fall in no time! Also, for your convenience, I have a complete product list at the end of this post so you can recreate this exact front door fall look. A bonus? Everything I used is faux, meaning these items will not go bad over the fall weeks/months + you can reuse again next year. So wonderful, right? Let’s get started.



Wreaths are often the first item someone will notice when they are walking toward your front door. I chose this gorgeous wreath from JOANN! I did a quick little DIY with this wreath because I wanted to add in some faux mini pumpkins (similar ones found here), splashes of white from cutting off stems of this autumn bush, and a grey and white plaid bow I made using this ribbon. It became my inspiration piece for the remaining ideas I chose for our fall doorway. Inspiration pieces help guide your choices for the other decor in a space.



I can’t help but have pumpkins around our door every year. They just encompass all things warm and inviting to me. For this fall front door, I chose mainly white pumpkins, with a few orange ones added to bring in a splash of color. JOANN has the best faux pumpkins! My favorites are these carve-able ones. While they are great for creating jack-o-lanterns at Halloween time, I also had the idea of cutting the stem off of one and creating a two-tiered pumpkin topiary! Another simple DIY that took under 10 minutes. I cut off the stem of this one, then placed this orange pumpkin on top of it. I filled the space in between the two with extra leaves from this garland I used to wrap around the base of the topiary!


Straw Bales and Corn Stalks

Farmhouse and rustic decor styles incorporate hay-bales and cornstalks often. I chose to use this small straw-bale from JOANN to give an authentic looking element to the fall door area, and it was a way to create height with my pumpkins. Adding height to any area increases the aesthetic appeal and overall look. These little bales are great for a smaller door area like mine. If you choose to use corn stalks, they can be tied to each side of the doorway and add great texture!


Florals and Plants

I am a big fan of mums and other real fall florals, but I encourage you to also think outside the box! I choose to incorporate this lovely garland, these faux leaves, and our wreath for easy and long-lasting options. Consider using garland above your doorway or even over surrounding windows. I used it to complete the pumpkin topiary I mentioned above. The faux leaves are just a fun way to bring fall to your actual front door area if it is covered like mine.


Themed Decor Items

JOANN had lovely decor items to choose from for our fall front door! With a bench close to our door, I added this gray truck with pumpkins pillow and two of these plaid ones. And, this welcome to our patch mat has such a warm message to welcome people into our home. Lastly, true to farmhouse’s inviting style, this wood “HARVEST” wall decor was the perfect item to add to our front door area. All of these items were so affordable and super easy to have them available online.


I hope you are inspired to decorate your front door for fall with these five ideas! These design concepts are a sure way to bring about a cozy fall vibe to you and your dear ones. Plus, when utilizing these budget friendly items I shared above, they can be used today and for years to come. That’s a win-win!


What is your favorite idea? Now I am going to share with you the complete product list below!


Product List For Five Ideas For A Lovely Fall Front Door

  1. Blooming Autumn Berry & Leaf Wreath-Yellow & Green found here.

  2. Simply Autumn 8 pk Burlap Pumpkins-Multi found here.

  3. Simply Autumn Decor Ribbon 2.5”x12′-Slate Buffalo Plaid found here.

  4. Blooming Autumn 19” Berry Bush-White found here.

  5. Fun-Kins Halloween 14” Carvable Pumpkin-White found here .

  6. Blooming Autumn Extra Large Pumpkin-Orange found here.

  7. Blooming Autumn 66” Velvet Maple Leaf & Berry Garland-Rust found here.

  8. Floracraft 13” Straw Bale found here.

  9. Blooming Autumn Preserved Oak Leaves-Red & Yellow Mix found here.

  10. Simply Autumn 18”x18” Cotton Fabric Pillow-Truck with Pumpkins on Gray found here.

  11. Simply Autumn 18”x18” Pillow-Plaid found here.

  12. Simply Autumn Tufted Coir Mat-Welcome to Our Patch on Natural found here.

  13. Simply Autumn Wood Wall Decor-Harvest found here.


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