DIY Fall Candle Rings


I am so excited to share with you a budget-friendly, easy Fall DIY on making fall candle rings. I was inspired to try my hand at creating these when I first saw some at a store. I loved how they enhanced the base of a candle but didn’t like the price tag of them haha! So, after just a quick trip to a craft store, laying out the design, and some hot glue, these candle rings turned out lovely and were under $8 each!


Candle rings can be used just about anywhere! I loved having candles in glass vases on our dining room table or a part of a fall vignette like in the photo above. I placed these on our entryway chest nestled among some faux painted pumpkins. Are you ready to create your own? I am going to walk you through this simple and pretty DIY fall candle ring. And, don’t miss at the end of this post, I’m joined by several blogger friends who are also sharing their fall DIYs! Thank you Krista at The Happy Housie for hosting this series.


First of all, gather your supplies! I chose small grapevine wreaths, which came in a 2-pack. I cut the grapevine that adjoined them with these clippers. Then, for each ring, I chose two small fall foliage bunches. Mine were a mix of berries, leaves, and pumpkins. Lastly, I got a bag of mini gourds, pumpkins, and pinecones as the fillers. These fillers are to create a bigger impact by clustering them around the foliage bunches.


Using your hot glue gun, apply the glue to each stem bunch and place on one half of the ring. Then repeat with another bunch on the other side, wrapping around the shape of the vine.


Next, take the small pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones and add them to the bunches. Again, this creates a full look, and it was a way to add white to the rings. I love having white pumpkins and gourds mixed in with the traditional fall colors in my decor.


Simply fluff the branches on the ring, and it is completed! Various glass candle holders can sit in the rings, as well as mason jar candles. I show below both options. Another way to use them? Atop large candle pillar bases!


DIY Fall candle rings are a great way to spread fall foliage around your home. This adds warmth and is a lovely layer to your home during the Fall months. They are also inline with farmhouse and rustic decor styles.


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