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3 Easy Ways To Add Patriotic Decor To Your Outdoor Space

Holidays | June 19, 2019


I am so excited about sharing with you how to add patriotic decor to your outdoor space. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate during the summer months and is in line with farmhouse style decor. Of course, with the 4h of July during the summer, it will add a festive flair too. Adding patriotic decor to your outdoor space is not costly or complicated; it is easy and budget-friendly to do when you apply these methods.


My take on patriotic decor in an outdoor space includes flags, a DIY burlap liberty banner, and other red/white/blue accessories. By adding these pieces, you will easily create a time-worn, farmhouse-styled outdoor space that is sure to be warm and welcoming over these next few weeks! Plus, I’ve joined alongside over twenty other bloggers who are also sharing their summer outdoor spaces with you. Each space is linked at the end of this post.

Let’s take a look at each of these elements and see how you can put your own twist on a patriotic look that will make your outdoor spaces pop.


1. Flags

Of course it wouldn’t be patriotic without flags, right?! Flags make a big impact for a little cost. And I love the way they look. If you don’t grab anything else for your outdoor space, grab the $1-3 flags and enjoy displaying them in various containers.


Our ferns were the perfect place to add flags. You can see one large flag in the first photo above, while in the next view you’ll notice only two flags. These layouts are fitting for an everyday patriotic decor look for summer. In the picture below, you’ll notice several flags; this is a look to consider if you’re hosting a 4th of July party. I found my flags here at Target, but they are practically everywhere (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Amazon, etc.)


Some other containers you may want to consider placing your flags in include white pitchers, crocks, draped over a tobacco basket, along your porch rails, lining flower beds, and in wall hanging baskets. For these white enamel baskets, I used only two of these larger flags in each of those and then hung this American flag fan above them to complete the wall space. I also added some on top of a little table inside of a white pitcher.


2. DIY Liberty Burlap Party Banner

A few weeks ago, I shared how to make this Pottery Barn inspired liberty burlap party banner. You can find the full DIY here. It is a fabulous farmhouse-style look, and perfect for summer with the patriotic themed home decor. I made two banners (in under two hours!) and knew I wanted them to be placed above our swing area. To hang them, I followed the lines of our string lights and let them drape a bit lower so they could be seen well. You can read more on how we hung our string lights here (part of a 5-point checklist on how to get your porch summer ready post I shared!).


By adding two of these banners above our porch swing, I was able to add another layer of interest, and had a full enough look for the space we were adding them to. You can use this banner in so many other ways to decorate your outdoor space including around your door frame, on an outdoor wall above where you may be serving food, and along a porch railing. They are meant to be fun, and so enjoy placing your banner(s) somewhere that can be enjoyed by your friends and family.


3. Red, White, and Blue Accessories

Adding a few more accessories will complete your patriotic decor look. Remember, when adding themes to a space, you can pull together the overall look with accessories that are in the same color palette and/or textures as your themed decor (i.e., flags, banner). For my red/white/blue accessories, I grabbed some pillows, a metal lantern with red trim, and a candle.


For the pillows, I already had some red ticking pillows on hand from Christmas so that made it free! Then, I found the other three pillows from Target including this navy/white one, this round knit with fringe one, and this gold tassel one. While these pillows do not have stars or flags on them, they bring the colors around the porch to tie it all together.


The lantern and candle also came from Target and were super affordable as they were in their dollar bins! Candles and string lights are a great way to add ambiance in the evenings. Again, you can see that placing items in groupings of three is a great rule (although there really are no rules haha) for decor vignettes. Adding a tray atop a table to hold the items also makes for a more tidy look. You can find this tray here.


I hope you saw just how easy it is to add patriotic decor to your outdoor space!

By utilizing flags, a festive banner (or two!), and other red/white/blue accessories, your outdoor space will be ready for summer time and especially the July 4th!


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