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Decor | November 2, 2018


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I have known this uplifting and gracious friend for several months now from Instagram and my blogging journey. For this week’s “Friday Favorite” blogger (check out the previous weeks “Friday Favorite” posts here, here, here, and here), I am honored to share her with you. Meet Karan, over at Designs By Karan. Join me as I talk about this talented friend’s desire to support others as she shares her inspiring DIYs, recipes, and design spaces. Karan’s desire to connect with others is both refreshing and genuine; she truly has an interest in not only sharing her own creations, but also learning from you.





Karan is not afraid to try her hand at DIYs, both small and large. A few of my favorites are her bathroom revamp that focuses on new cabinets and organization, and her beautifully preserved hydrangeas to have for decor use. She captures “before and afters” of her DIYs that will surely inspire you to try your hand at it too. I also enjoy the way she crafts step-by-step guides for her audience.



Healthy Recipes

I enjoy seeing the recipes she shares because not only do they look delicious, but they are typically gluten free and keto friendly. They range from desserts to breakfast foods and everything in between. Karan adds a personal element in her kitchen adventures by including her grandkids in the baking festivities. I love that!




I have been admiring all the spaces Karan shares of her home on Instagram for some time now. Her home is so serene and peaceful. She uses greys, whites, creams throughout and has a gorgeous modern farmhouse, cottage feel. I love how she styles her living spaces for different seasons, and being a professional designer herself, she shares this talent with all she works with in her home town of Ontario, Canada.



Karan is such a kind friend! She truly is an encourager to all she encounters and I am inspired by her humility. It is a blessing to follow along her journey. I am grateful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross and now yours have too! Head over to check out her full blog, Designs By Karan.


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