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Tips For Hosting In Your Home This Fall

Family | September 21, 2019


Have you ever walking into someone’s home and it just felt beautiful and inviting? If you tried to recall what made it feel that way, most likely several of your senses were immediately tapped into (I’ll talk more about these later)! Hosting for the fall doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Whether you are hosting a large or small gathering, I am excited to share with you all fall hosting tips that will create a warm and welcoming space for all those who come to your home this fall.


I have joined up with several blogger friends to share with you all tons of hosting tips to inspire you! Each of these tips offer tried and true ways for others to feel relaxed and welcome at your home! Let’s go check them out.


I believe that an inviting home taps into the five senses which are: taste, see, smell, touch, and hear. First is see. Creating visual appeal in your home for fall can be done easily. Choose a color palette that suggests fall to you (you can see more of my fall decor here and here), add in florals, fresh and faux pumpkins and fall-themed words in your spaces. Secondly is smell. Utilizing candles and baking in the kitchen will add wonderful fall aromas in your home. Third is taste. Fall tastes can include pumpkins muffins (recipe for the best ones found here), warm stews, apple pies, cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, and hot cider.


Fourth is touch. This is probably my favorite to add to our home, not just during fall but year round. Spread blankets and soft pillows throughout your home, draping them over the arms of sofas and chairs, stacking them in oversized baskets, and opening up a hutch for an easy way to store and use when wanted. Providing your family and friends with these textures to add extra coziness and comfort makes a home feel so inviting. And lastly is hear. When family and friends gather, it’s a joyous noise to hear! Making an effort to clear out spaces and creating inviting spaces will provide much joyful noise in your home. Head here to read more details on each of these five senses!

The Tattered Pew


Kelly, over at The Tattered Pew, shared her Cozy Fall Kitchen Decor and Hosting Tips here. I love the colors that Kelly has in her kitchen for the fall, they are perfect! Her hosting tips are inline with how important taste and smell play into a person’s experience at your home. I loved all of her ideas, but my favorite was her s’mores suggestion for kids and adults alike. She recommends having s’more ingredients on hand to have as an option to enjoy when others are at your home. You will love what else she shares and more gorgeous views of her cozy kitchen by heading here.

We’re The Jonses


Merichelle over at We’re The Jonses shared Fall Hosting Tips For Creating A Cozy Home . Merichelle shares three more fall hosting tips, with a focus on creating a cozy feel (which I love!). Her three tips include the use of ambiance, personalization, and cozy/soft touches for guests to enjoy. Ambiance is such a lovely thought when hosting, and especially love her suggestion of adding string lights to your outdoor areas. I also appreciate the personalization suggestion, as it can be that special touch to let your visitors know you thought of them especially. Go read more about these fabulous tips here.

I hope you all enjoyed these fall hosting tips! They are the only tips you need to succeed in when having friends and family members gather in your home this fall. It’s that easy!

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