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The Perfect Itinerary For A Weekend Getaway In Charleston, South Carolina

Family | February 13, 2020


If you are planning a weekend getaway to Charleston, South Carolina, and looking for the perfect itinerary, you are in the right place! You will enjoy discovering the best restaurants to dine, the top things to do in the city, and the loveliest place to stay. Ready to take a trip you’ll never forget? Let’s go!


My husband and I just returned home after a fantastic weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.  Carving out time to get away has always been important to us, and was something our parents and grandparents encouraged us to do from the beginning of our marriage. Twenty years later, and we are still making that happen. It has truly been one of the best marital tips we’ve been given. We want to share with you our weekend itinerary of where we ate, what we did, and where we stayed!


We arrived in Charleston around noon on Friday, leaving us plenty of day time left to introduce ourselves to this great city.

Here is exactly what we did:


  • We took an Uber to 86 Cannon Inn, our exquisite inn for the weekend. We were greeted by the most gracious staff and shown to our room and the other main/common areas to enjoy during our stay. Head here to make your reservations and tell them I sent you!

  • After settling in, we took an Uber to Fleetwood Landing for lunch. It is on the water and has the best view of Fort Sumter (we did not tour Fort Sumter, but tours are available if you’re interested).

  • Next up, we had scheduled a 1-hour carriage ride with Palmetto Carriage Company. It is the best way to get an overview of the layout of the city, and the guide was full of great information. We highly recommend a carriage ride!


  • Then, it was time to walk. We first started with the Charleston City Market. Think vendors that have all kinds of things from hand-painted watercolors to delicious Bennes (a new treat to us that is original to Charleston). You don’t want to miss the market! It’s open 364 days of the year.

  • Once you are done with the City Market, make your way to East Bay, where you will begin a lovely stroll past Rainbow Row (perfect for pictures!), the Battery, Waterfront park area, and end at the White Point Garden. Plan anywhere between 1-2 hours for this walk/stroll. We loved sitting in the garden and admiring the gorgeous trees that are there. You will love it too!

  • We ended the evening at The Darling Oyster House, which was so delicious and had a great environment. We didn’t realize we were such oyster fans until we tried theirs. Make sure you get some!


Tip: Make your dinner reservations as far in advance as you can! We lucked up and were able to eat at our top restaurant picks. During the busier seasons, they book weeks to months in advance.

  1. The Darling Oyster House

  2. SNOB (Slightly North Of Broadway)

  3. Husk

  4. Fig

  5. Magnolia’s




  • We ate an earlier breakfast at 86 Cannon Inn, which included fresh juices, granola, pastries, coffee, hot tea, quiche, and fresh fruit. The cafe at 86 Cannon is a space I’d like to pick up and take home with me. It is seriously beautiful even down to the smallest details like cloth napkins, silver forks, spoons, and knives, and trays to allow you the ability to take it back to your room.

  • We then took an Uber to our historical walking tour with Al! I can say that he lived up to the five-star ratings I had seen on his website. This 2-hour tour is nothing short of fascinating. Charleston’s history is rich, and Al is as much an expert as he is flexible. We asked to see several of the churches, and he did that wonderfully. Charleston is called the “Holy City,” the churches are rich in history and beautifully maintained. You don’t want to miss a walking tour (and, again, Al was amazing).


  • We then walked from the waterfront area to have lunch at SNOB (Slightly North Of Broad). Both tours had recommended this restaurant, and we know why! It is delicious food; I had the Southern Medley dish while my husband had their fried chicken livers (he said they’re the best he’s ever had!)

  • With our kiddos in mind, we went back after lunch to the City Market to do some fun souvenir shopping. Thank goodness for a great t-shirt booth for our teen girls, and toy booth for our son! For our sweet moms back home that were our babysitters, they got some local grits and other goodies.

  • We also walked to Pineapple fountain, which is a fun place to see that is part of Charleston’s top spots to see.

  • Dinner that night was at Magnolia’s! It is a beautiful restaurant, but we do encourage you to wait for a seat in the main room if that is an option.



  • We slept in this morning (with four busy kiddos, you don’t get to do that much!) and ate a later breakfast at our Inn. I want to mention that other guests may be in the cafe with you, but you always have the option to step out onto one of the piazzas if you’d prefer a quieter time together. There is ample seating on the piazzas.

  • We then took an Uber to Sullivan’s Island beach (it was a toss-up between this and Folly beach, but Sullivan’s was a little less touristy if that’s what you are looking for). What we didn’t realize is the wind on this beach, haha!! Unlike Alabama beaches, you need to be prepared to dress appropriately (we didn’t have enough layers on). The wind is no joke, and it’s a long walk from where you park to the water. It’s beautiful, though. So don’t miss out. We are delighted we went but will know how to better prepare next time! Think long walks in jackets, pants, and tennis shoes, not shorts and a t-shirt lol!


  • Our lunch was at a fun little place called Poe’s Tavern (after Edgar Allen Poe). They’re supposedly best known for their burgers, which my husband had. It was a great burger, for sure. A different recommendation for lunch is The Obstinate Daughter, which we hear is great too.

  • The remainder of the day, we enjoyed relaxing at 86 Cannon and getting ready for a late-night dinner at Husk. Husk was one I had read about over and over again, and it lived up to its name! Make sure to go; the food is some of the top-ranked in the country.


Monday we had an early flight out, and so we simply had a quick breakfast at our Inn then took an Uber to the airport (which by the way is a short drive of 18 minutes from 86 Cannon)! We sat at the airport recalling the fabulous time we had for the getaway weekend of ours in Charleston, South Carolina. Are you ready to go now? We hope you’ll enjoy this amazing city and our itinerary as much as we did.


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  1. kathryn briggs says:

    We are traveling to Charleston next month for spring break. This was great timing for me! I look forward to researching some of these restaurants and places to visit. Thank you!

    • Brendt Blanks says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I truly appreciate your sharing that with me, and hope you have the best time in Charleston!
      We loved this intinerary!

      Have a wonderful day,

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