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The Best Halloween Home Decor Tips For 2019

Holidays | October 5, 2019


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Halloween has always been a fun holiday for me. Growing up, I remember trick-or-treating with my siblings and how fun it was to come upon spooky porches or all-out Halloween festive ones that just were fun to see! I’ve enjoyed as an adult now, decorating our home and porch for Halloween.





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pumpkin stack by front door with other pumpkins

Pumpkin stack with other pumpkins by the front door.


There are so many ways to implement Halloween into the inside and outside of your home. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, having these can’t-miss tips will amp up your decor this year! Knowing these tips and tricks will save you time and money too!




I have joined up with several blogger friends to share with you all the best Halloween home decor tips for 2019! Included in these ideas are outdoor spaces, tons of DIYs, and spooky to not-so-spooky spaces to inspire you! Let’s go check them out.


The Best Halloween Home Decor Tips For 2019


I shared 3 Ways To Add Halloween To Your Fall Decor here. Halloween decor can feel tricky sometimes to me. For example, do I decorate for fall then take down the fall decor and put up Halloween decor, just to then take it back down and put back up my fall decor? Or do I wait on fall decor, put up Halloween decor a little early, then only have fall decor up for a little while before Christmas arrives?

Can anyone relate? Raise your hand if you said “YES”!

I’ve got a great solution to this dilemma: you can have it all. I am sharing with you three ways you can ADD Halloween decor TO your fall decor. Come check them out here.


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The Tattered Pew


Kelly over at The Tattered Pew shared Outdoor Decor for a Fun Halloween Porch ! I love how Kelly used traditional Halloween colors and added not-too-spooky Halloween decor pieces like a skeleton puppy and fuzzy crows. One of my favorite ideas was using creepy black fabric to create curtains as a backdrop to her pew. That is so creative and to top it off, she added a festive wreath. You’ve got to go see all the details of her fun Halloween porch here.


Having fun trying to get a witches hat on the skeleton!


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We’re The Jonses


Merichelle over at We’re The Jonses shared Frightful Front Porch: Modern Chic Halloween Decorating Ideas . Merichelle created an elegant feel by adding the color purple to her other black and white Halloween pieces. She specifically shares how stripes can create the modern look and with splashes of purple you create a very chic look. I love the bow she has hanging on her window that lights up! Plus you’ve got to check out her fun Halloween DIY Pillows! Head over to see it all here.


Halloween front porch decor with Boo sign

Halloween front porch decorating ideas


Enjoying this post? Don’t miss my 10 Best Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas HERE!


Rain On A Tin Roof


Jenna over at Rain On A Tin Roof shared Easy DIY Halloween Decorations ! I feel in love the second I saw these DIY glitter witch brooms she made. Not only does she share a ton of DIYs for Halloween but each one is under $10 to make and easy to make. My kind of DIY for sure! Another one of my favorites is the Printable Spell Book Cover and Potion Labels she made. This post is chock full of inspiration that I know you are going to love trying out for Halloween! Go see it all here.


I hope you all enjoyed these 2019 Halloween home decor tips! We hope you walk away with some inspiration to bring to your own home to create a festive and fun look this Halloween season.

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