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10 Best Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Collaboration | September 29, 2022

Create the best Halloween front porch with these top 10 decorating ideas.

This post on the 10 best Halloween front porch decorating ideas contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.
upward view of stacked pumpkins around front door

Stacked pumpkins by the front door.

10 Best Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Do you want to have one of those porches that your neighbors and friends want to drive past and get more of this Halloween? Then you are in the right place because I am excited to share with you the best Halloween front porch decorating ideas for 2022.


front porch for Halloween collage


Get even more Halloween front porch decorating ideas by heading here to see how to easily decorate your front porch for Halloween.


Halloween bench scene on front porch

Front porch bench styled for Halloween!

I found everything I needed at JOANN; they had all kinds of not-so-spooky to bone-chilling decorations to choose from. Truly, something for everyone! I was drawn to certain decorations that would make the most impact on my budget. I couldn’t wait to get home and set it up on our porch.


halloween front porch with 8 foot skeleton

Halloween front porch 2022


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halloween front porch decorating ideas


Scroll down to see the 10 best Halloween front porch decorating ideas.

Idea One: Giant-size Skeleton


8 foot skeleton on front porch

8-foot animated skeleton on the front porch.

Go big or go home, right?! This 8ft. animated skeleton added instant impact because of its size and overall presence. Who wouldn’t want to come up on our porch to see more and get a feeling of Mr. Skeleton?!

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Idea Two: Smaller, Posable Skeletons


posable skeleton on stairs

Posable skeleton for Halloween

I loved adding 3 smaller skeletons (36″) around the stairs and on our bench. The posable ones create an opportunity to get creative with them!


Posable skeleton holding cauldron

Posable skeleton holding candy bowl

For example, I have one holding our candy bowl and the other two waving at people driving by or guests who are walking up to our porch!

Idea Three: Spider Web

spider web on wall of front porch

Halloween spider web on front porch.

Good ol’ fashion spider webs are perfect on the walls of your porch! They add that spooky backdrop to your other decorations.

You can also drape them above your doorframe!

Idea four: Halloween Pillows


Halloween jack-o-lantern pillow on bench

Halloween pillow on front porch bench

I had a really hard time deciding which pillows to get at JOANN because they had so many amazing choices! I ended up going with the 18 x 18 skeletons pillow and 18 x 18 jack-o-lantern pillows.  Aren’t they perfect?

skeletons pillow on blue bench

Skeletons pillow on bench for Halloween

Protip: When using Halloween decorative pillows, mix and match them with other pillows that have similar colors and patterns as I did here. You can also use solid color ones too!

Idea five: Ambient lighting


Halloween porch

This idea is a big one for your porch! Turn off the overhead lighting, and use another lighting instead.


halloween front porch night views

Halloween front porch at night!

My lighting included 5o count orange colored string lights in bushes, battery-powered, flameless candles with timers, and stringing cafe lights on the ceiling.  You can also replace your light bulbs with purple or orange ones!

Idea six: Stacked Pumpkins


pumpkin stack by front door with other pumpkins

Pumpkin stack with other pumpkins by front door.

I love adding height with topiaries on my porch, and JOANN had these two amazing options for Halloween!

First, the 38″ black grapevine stacked pumpkins look terrific on the stairs, and they come with lights that have timers. Second is the outdoor “candy corn” stacked pumpkins we’ve termed them. I love how great they look inside the black planters.

Idea seven: Halloween wreath


Halloween wreath on front door

Halloween wreath on front door.

Every front porch needs a wreath for the door!

We took this cute glitter candy corn Halloween wreath and embellished it with these black feather stems. I loved how it turned out.

Protip: Want even more DIY wreath ideas? Check out this post where I am sharing amazing DIY Halloween wreath ideas you have to try.

Idea eight: Pumpkins

pumpkins on porch

Pumpkins and faux mums on the porch.

You can’t have enough pumpkins, right?! I love having all kinds of pumpkins on our porch during the fall and Halloween.

Large, medium, and small ones, mixed with various colors and shapes, create a cozy, welcoming look among the Halloween decorations. Head here to see the full selection at JOANN.

Protip: Recycle your pumpkins with this DIY pumpkin vase idea! It is so easy to make. You don’t need any advanced crafting skills to create a one-of-a-kind decor piece for your home this spooky season.

I want to make a Halloween DIY Pumpkin vase!

Idea nine: Halloween-themed doormat


Happy Halloween doormat

Layered doormats on front porch

If you have been following me for any time at all, you know doormats are some of my favorite ways to update your outdoor areas without breaking the bank; in fact, I shared an entire blog post on 7 Fall outdoor doormats to refresh your front porch this season here!

And, I found them all at …JOANN! My favorite is probably this one.

Idea ten: Halloween Signs


Halloween front porch decor with Boo sign

Halloween front porch decorating ideas

Having words on your front porch adds fun flair! Especially when you use an LED BOO sign.

I love how the sign has lights and glows at night on our Halloween porch. You can also use wood signs and add string lights too!


Having fun trying to get a witch’s hat on the skeleton!

What do you think? I couldn’t be happier with how our Halloween front porch turned out this year. These 10 Halloween front porch ideas are sure to make your porch Halloween ready too.





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  1. Brendt,
    I loved you spooky porch for Halloween. So many cute ideas.

  2. This is so fun! I need to start doing more for Halloween again! Thanks for the inspiration!

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