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The 3 Ways I Created A Casual, Farmhouse Tablescape For Spring

Decor | April 3, 2018

This is a sponsored blog post.

This is a sponsored blog post.

With spring in the air, we are enjoying open windows and having the nice breeze blow in through out breakfast nook and kitchen areas. I’ve been excited about setting up our breakfast table that sits right by our back door.


When I was envisioning this spring tablescape, I narrowed my inspiration down to casual, farmhouse style that included lots of layers, mixing various textures, and embracing neutral colors.

While I had some pieces on hand to get it started, it would not have been anywhere near completion without the lovely items I received from Caravan.


From Caravan’s soft linens and terracotta clay bowls, to their marble cake stand and zinc glass salt and pepper set, this table came to life. I couldn’t be happier with it. 


I wanted to share with you three ways I created this casual, farmhouse spring table by using my inspiration words from above and my new accessories from Caravan.

  1. Layers: The starting point of layering the table was this laundered linen runner. While there is a wide assortment of bright spring and summer patterns and colors available, my eye was drawn to this natural and white runner. Next was adding the chargers, dinnerware, and the linen napkins. These napkins shout spring and summer! I love the generous sizing of them and what great dimension they add on top of the plates. I gained more layers by adding the height of the faux topiaries and stacked bowls on the cake stand.

  2. Textures: I love mixing textures. I feel like it gives that farmhouse feel of time worn and tattered. One way I mixed textures was using these bamboo napkin rings on a table that includes a zinc salt and pepper set. And, I’m in love with the cake stand. Its white marble top and wood base nails this concept of mixing textures. Plus, it’s the perfect size to set atop our smaller kitchen table. Adding in greenery is like the icing on the cake.

  3. Neutrals: The white plates were already on hand, but I needed coordinating (not matching) bowls for each table setting. I was immediately drawn to these terracotta clay bowls (and that cute matching jug) due to their simple yet beautiful design. And terracotta is hot right now. (You can read more about this trend here). I love the way they look on top of the white plates. Terracotta also reflects the centerpiece of having greenery on the table.



I am so excited about sitting down to share a meal at this casual, farmhouse table. It exudes warmth and just coming as you are which is what we like best. These Caravan items played a pivotal role in creating a table that I couldn’t be happier with.

Natural Market Bag found  here .

Natural Market Bag found here.

What is your favorite part of this table? What are your favorite words to use while creating a tablescape?



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