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Tabletop S’mores With DIY Fire Bowls

Recipes | July 30, 2020


Having s’mores in Alabama during the hot summer months HAS to happen around a small fire, not a large fire pit haha! I made these DIY fire bowls so we could enjoy an outdoor, tabletop s’mores bar together. These fire bowls are easy to make, and with just three ingredients for s’mores, it’s the perfect family/friend summer night fun!


Typically you may have s’mores around a big campfire or a fire pit in your backyard during the cooler months. But what about enjoying them during any time of the year? Well, I am excited to share that with these tabletop fire bowls, you can enjoy having s’mores 365 days a year, indoors or outdoors! It’s such a fun activity to do with family and/or friends.

Come check out how easy it is to make these DIY fire bowls!


DIY Fire Bowls Supplies:

  1. Metal Bucket (I found these at Dollar Tree but you can order similar ones here).

  2. Sterno – Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel found here.

  3. River Rock Stones found here.

  4. Aluminum Foil


Place some aluminum foil (you could also use sand) in your bucket to fill some of the empty space before placing the sterno inside the bucket. I filled mine about 3/4 of the way up with aluminum foil then poured some pebbles around next. Then, I sat the sterno firmly into the foil/rocks and made sure it was flat. Lastly, I poured some more pebbles around the sterno until it was nice and full.


S’mores Supplies

  1. Graham Crackers

  2. Marshmellows

  3. Chocolate Bars

  4. Optional ingredeints could include: Reese’s cups, white chocolate, strawberries, etc.


I simply placed each of the ingredients I used into this adorable serving tray. I love how it keeps each of the food items separated and creates a nice display for those enjoying the s’mores bar.


When you are ready, you simply light the gel section of the sternos, and you are set to start roasting your marshmallows. We used wire hangers for our s’mores sticks. They work great and are free! I set out 3 fire bowls so everyone could enjoy roasting their marshmallows and not continually waiting on a bowl to be open.


Take your graham crackers, chocolate and smoosh that delicious cooked marshmallow into the middle! Oh it is sooo yummy friend! And, of course, having other ingredients suggested above can add variation for many future s’mores times together.


What do you guys think? Are you ready to join in on this s’mores fun? I can’t wait for you to try it out.

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