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One Room Challenge: Week 5 (Painting Completed And Cleaning Plan)

Decor | October 31, 2019

I am thrilled to say that the wall and painting is complete! The clock is racing as we enter into the final days of the One Room Challenge and now it’s time to deep clean these spaces. Then, the fun part of installing the furniture, wall decor and curtains, area rugs and more.


Hi friends! Welcome back to week 5 of the One Room Challenge. If you missed the first four weeks, you can go check out week one here, week two here, week three here, and week four here. I recommend starting with week one. There I share all about my goals for this challenge and tons of before pictures. Plus, I show you the original mood boards for the two spaces that I am creating out of the current space, and the progression of the wall we’re building. Then head on to weeks 2-4 to see how the mood boards changed some, how the wall was made, and the beginning stages of painting. Before I walk you through the updates for this week, you can go here to check out all the participants for this challenge. It’s has been such fun joining alongside so many creative and talented other blogger friends! I can’t believe we are down to our final week!

Oneroomchallengeweek5 .png

Yesterday our painters finished painting the walls and ceilings. As I shared in last week’s post, we chose to use the paint color, White Dove by Benjamin Moore. We are very pleased with how it looks in these spaces. One tip I’ve learned when not painting yourself, do not be afraid to speak up about the job done. We did have to follow up with our contractor two separate times to finish the paint job as we liked it. It was worth them coming back to have the job done right.


With the foot traffic and the construction, even with covering the furniture and the carpet, everything needs a deep cleaning. This is the part that is not as fun as the others, but it is a must! The plan will include wiping down the walls with a dry towel, cleaning out the intake vent and filter, and getting the carpets professionally cleaned, vacuuming the bed, and wiping down all the furniture that is staying.


Because of the upholstered headboard and the mattresses being near the construction, I am planning on vacuuming the headboard and trying sprinkling baking soda plus vacuuming the mattresses. We ended up getting rid of the pillows, comforter, and rug. While some wonderful companies are sponsoring many pieces of this challenge, we are going to be looking for budget-friendly bed basics to replace those we got rid of and using ones that I already have on hand that have been used minimally.


You may spot the remotes on the walls. These go with our new fans that I am going to share with you in the big reveal post happening next week! We couldn’t be happier with the fans that have lights; they are working wonderfully. As you can see, the carpet is going to benefit from a deep clean. I am hoping that tomorrow they will be able to come and jump start the final steps before moving the furniture and area rugs in.


I wanted to share with you this view for two reasons. One, the layout is going to be changing. The bed will be turned to where the headboard is against the wall where the dresser is located currently. We wanted a cozy feel for her bed, and so it will also be pushed up against the adjoining wall. Also, one look at the dresser, and you can see how things get unorderly when going through a transformation with light construction like this. (Be prepared to live temporarily in another part of your home!) My daughter moved into our loft area and keeps her day to day things in our other girl’s upstairs bathroom. You can see she runs in and grabs what she needs without the worry of keeping things tidy haha!


So, what do you think? I am feeling excited yet a bit anxious about it all coming together. The final date to have things completed is November 10, 2019! So we have ten days left instead of just seven; I think we will need those extra three days. But, when it all comes together, I know it’s going to look amazing! Stay tuned!!


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One Room Challenge: Week 5 (Painting Completed And Cleaning Plan).png

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