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How To Easily Create A Kids Homework Station

Collaboration | August 20, 2020

We needed a place for our children to do their homework and virtual school.  By using an empty wall, we built a DIY table, added whiteboards, and other supplies perfect for all their schooling needs. Check out how easy it is to create one in your home!

[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

Kids completed DIY homework station

Kids Homework Station

Desk view with agenda

With the start of a new school year, and it being a unique time in our country with COVID, we needed a homework station. Being at home a few days of the week, and at school on the other days, meant having a homework station as well as a place to do virtual school was a must.  We happen to have space in our two middle daughters upstairs loft area where it was the perfect space to create this station. I can’t wait to share with you how easy it is to do. 


With our plan in mind, I went to JOANN to pick up what we needed. They had a huge selection of school and office supplies, spray paint, wall decor, cubby shelves, and more. With these things in tow, I was ready to get started.

DIY homework desk

DIY Homework Desk

My husband is the DIY-er behind our woodworking projects, and he built this amazing tabletop for them.  It is something that we will share more about how to build your own in a near-future post. The important thing to remember is the need for room to spread out and a flat surface for Google meets, Zooms, etc. So, the first step is your desk or tabletop in the space.

Homework station completed with cubby shelf

Next up you will want to have shelves or cubbies to hold their notebooks, binders, books, etc. This double cube storage shelf from JOANN is a perfect size and I love how well it is made. I used these as end tables in my son’s room too. I also grabbed this Rust-Oleum spray paint from JOANN to spray these Robin’s Egg blue. 

White dry erase board for each homework station

Every homework station needs a board to clip important papers, write reminder messages, and utilizes vertical space for important things to be seen.

These Magnetic Dry Erase Boards here worked great for this space.  I grabbed two, one for each girl’s station, and spray painted them the same blue as the cubby shelves. 

School and office supplies in mason jars

School and office supplies can be displayed prettily in mason jars (here).  Having pens, dry erase markers here, super tips markers here, colored pencils here, and other supplies on hand lend itself to efficiency and overall great functioning.

Mason jars holding school supplies

As our girls have gotten older and added more activities to their school days, I knew they needed an agenda to keep them organized.  This 18-month calendar/agenda is packed full of great calendaring options; from monthly views to day-to-day lists. It has allowed them to plan out their upcoming extracurricular activities as well as an open book for class assignments.

Large, paper mache letters to add personalization to each station.

Final touches include an element of personalization with these fun paper mache letters from JOANN.  After a coat of spray paint, I placed them above each of their whiteboards.  It truly created a unique station for both of my girls.

Spray painted paper mache letters

Lastly, I added a bright glow with some string lights and warmth with some faux plants.  You can find the lights here and the plant here.

DIY kids homework station

Creating a DIY homework station doesn’t have to be complicated.  I hope after reading this post you feel ready to try making one in your own home.  We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

DIY desk view with agenda and school supplies

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Kids Homework Station

Kids Homework Station


  1. Heidi N Barton says:

    Where did you get the stools? And when will the tutorial for the tabletop and brackets be coming? We are planning on doing this exact thing this weekend and would love to have the plans.

  2. This looks fantastic!! Best wishes to your daughters as they navigate what will undoubtedly be a strange year. I am currently creating a room in our basement for my daughter to do “home college” She is a shoe and accessories design major and needs a space to sew, house leather making tools, and rolls of fabrics that would normally be housed on campus in a lab. It’s a daunting task and we are almost done. Seeing your room gave me the energy to finish it up this weekend. Thanks for the inspo!

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