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10 Tips To Speed Clean Your Home (Before Guests Arrive!)

Family | August 27, 2020

We have all found ourselves in this situation, right?! I’ve got good news is. I’m sharing with you my tried and true cleaning tips in this post. By following these ten speed-cleaning tips, your house will look fresh and clean when your guests arrive!


Just yesterday, I found myself with less than an hour to get our house ready for my extended family arriving for a family dinner.  There were dishes in the sink, toilets that needed cleaning, porches that needed sweeping, and more.  I got a bit panicky at first thinking about how to get it all done, but then I realized there are things I’ve always done to pull off a clean home quickly.  The key is to prioritize, and that is what these tips will offer you!

Front Door

While speed cleaning is something we all can master, keeping a daily or weekly cleaning schedule will allow these tips to be all the more achievable when you do have only an hour.

Ten Speed Cleaning Tips Prior To Your Guests Arriving


  1. Front Door/Entryway: A first impression is typically the most important.  I always sweep our porch and front door/entryway area first. You may also want to spray some Windex to get off those fingertips if you have glass on your front door. 
  2. Bathrooms: With speed cleaning, I only clean those bathrooms a guest would use (save cleaning the other bathrooms for another time).  I always have a toilet wand on hand and love the smell of Fabulouso, so I wipe counters down quickly with that. Empty the trash can and make sure you have enough toilet paper.
  3. Fluff Your Seating And Pillows: Walk around to the main living areas and make sure your sofas/chairs are looking full and fluffy.  Then, create a full look by fluffing any throw pillows. This will automatically make space look cleaner!
  4. Empty Sinks And Wipe Down Your Appliances: Make sure your kitchen sink is empty and wiped out. Guests will often wash their hands here (or offer to help clean up after a meal), and you want it to look nice and shiny! Bartender’s powder is fantastic for stainless steel sinks. A multisurface cleaner and microfiber cloths with some warm water are excellent at cleaning stainless steel appliances.

    Living room

    Living Room

  5. Dust: Dust any furniture you may be spending time near (dining tables, coffee tables), skipping those areas where guests won’t go.
  6. Grab A Basket: Grab anything that creates a cluttered look! I always put our fruit bowl, blender, and anything else sitting around in our laundry room and close the door.  Less is more when having the look of a clean home.
  7. Light Candles: This tip is huge! You can probably recall the times you’ve visited homes that smell amazing, and also those homes that haven’t smelled good.  The latter houses felt unclean.  These candles are my favorite!
  8. Make Beds: Don’t skip this step! Any beds that are going to be seen must be made!
  9. Pick Up Anything Left On The Floors: Messy floors are one of the biggest culprits of homes feeling unclean.  So anything that remains put into your basket, or into your laundry room like me!
  10. Quick Vacuum: Vacuum any rooms you will be going into, skip those you will not.

    Master Bedroom

Now, take a deep breath and enjoy having your home cleaned with a home full of family and friends! At the end of this post, I am providing you a printable checklist to keep on hand for these times.  Happy speed cleaning!


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Printable List for 10 Tips To Speed Clean Your Home (Before Guests Arrive!)

10 Tips To Speed Clean Your Home (Before Guests Arrive!)

By following this list, your home will look fresh and clean when guests arrive. These 10 tips can be done in under an hour!

  1. Front Door and Entryway: Sweep and clean windows.
  2. Bathrooms: Clean toilets and wipe down countertops.
  3. Fluff your seating and pillows!
  4. Empty Sinks And Wipe Down Your Appliances.
  5. Dust any furniture where you and your guests will be.
  6. Grab A Basket and declutter surfaces.
  7. Light candles and place around your home.
  8. Make any beds that will be seen!
  9. Pick Up Anything Left On The Floors.
  10. Run a quick vacuum.


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