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How To Decorate Your Mantel For Winter In 5 Easy Steps

Decor | January 14, 2020

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Isn’t it true how our homes can sometimes feel empty and bare after the Christmas decorations come down? Sometimes we are left wondering how to decorate a place like our fireplace and mantel during these winter months. I’ve got great news for you; in just five easy steps, you can easily and beautifully decorate your mantel for winter! Let’s get started!

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  1. Choose A Large Inspiration Piece

The inspiration piece is the piece that helps drive the rest of your mantel or whatever space you are decorating. Make sure you love it! And this mantel look is all about creating layers. So, our first layer is this wood and metal inspiration piece, but you can use any piece you have on hand. It just needs to be large as to act as the “base” for the rest of your mantel decor. My piece can be found here.


2. Choose A Medium Sized Piece

This piece is going to lean against the inspiration piece like mine does in the photo below. You will want to find something that provides some good height and creates a different look, yet is cohesive with your inspiration piece. Both of these pieces are inline with farmhouse style and are in the same color palette. My piece can be found here.


3. Choose A Small Sized Piece(s)

I am typically a symmetrical gal when it comes to my decor style, but in this case, I enjoyed having a little asymmetry! I choose these three antique chunky “candlesticks” to go on the opposite side of the medium size piece. It provides a different shape, keeping things interesting. You could go with something round here or even a plant! So far, so easy…right?!


4. Re-purpose Your Winter Greenery And Twinkle Lights

Isn’t it always nice to re-purpose something you’ve spent money on?! That’s exactly what you are going to do with this step. My faux Christmas tree is now a winter tree (this is the basket it is sitting in)! I added a few extra twinkle lights and it continues that cozy glow in our living room past Christmas. Yay! Other options include using your garland with twinkle lights weaved in or stems in glass jugs with battery powered candle lanterns at the base of your fireplace! Get creative!


5. Oversized Basket With A Blanket And Pillow(s)

Baskets just instantly warm up spaces, and I love using one for fireplace decor. Plus, when you fill it with blankets and pillows, it gives family members and those who visit a cozy treat on these cold winter days! Simply pinch the middle of your blanket and stuff that inside the basket to create an overflow off the basket look like the one below. A similar basket can be found here and an oversized chunky blanket can be found here.

How To Decorate Your Mantel For Winter In 5 Easy Steps.JPG

So how easy that was?! My hope is that you will feel inspired to create a lovely mantel for the winter with these five easy steps! You probably have most of these items already on hand (especially that Christmas greenery) and now it’s just a matter of pulling it all together. Are you ready to get started? You can shop this entire look here!


Shop this look:

  • Let’s Stay Home sign found here.

  • Wood Plaque found here.

  • Oversized basket found here.

  • Basket the artificial tree is sitting in found here.

  • Chunky Knit Blanket found here.

  • Arch Mirror found here.

  • Set of 2 sconces found here.

How To Decorate Your Mantel For Winter In 5 Easy Steps.png

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How To Decorate Your Mantel For Winter In 5 Easy Steps.png
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