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How To Create The Perfectly Organized Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

DIY | March 17, 2020


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by The Container Store; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


I am so thrilled to share with you how to create the perfectly organized kitchen cabinets and drawers. This project is one of my favorite home projects to date. You know why? Because of the dramatic results it produced. Our kitchen cabinets and drawers went from chaotic and not functioning well for our family, to one that is clutter-free and perfectly functional. This transformation has already made a huge difference in our day-to-day life.

Now, I am going to take you step-by-step on how to do this in your own home! Let’s get started!





Showing you the “before” photo of our cabinets and drawers allows you to see just what I mean when I say it was a disaster haha! We had random items that didn’t belong in our kitchen and mismatched mugs plus there was no real organization.



It was difficult to see what we had in these cabinets and drawers and led to me not entertain as freely because I couldn’t find things I needed. So, I knew that everything had to be taken out first!

First, I completely emptied the cabinets and drawers, nothing remained. It already felt better haha! As I emptied these spaces, I created piles that were like items (and yes, I found things I didn’t know we had!).



When you empty cabinets, make 3 initial piles including: trash, keep, and giveaway. Just from our cabinets and drawers we had a total of 6 trash bags and 10 boxes of giveaway! Whoa, it was way overdue.



Here are some of the piles I created:

  1. Dishware

  2. Matching mugs

  3. Dish Towels

  4. Grilling tools and accessories

  5. Chargers

  6. Placemats

  7. Baking utensils and bowls

  8. Glass cooking dishes

  9. Cake stands

  10. Platters

  11. Silverware

  12. Water bottles

  13. Vases

  14. Glasses

  15. Coffee and Tea station

Now that I had my sorted piles, it was time to have fun! I received so many amazing containers from The Container Store and I knew that they were going to bring me the look and functionality I had been hoping for! I began placing these pieces in the cabinets and drawers with a purpose.



As you can see, I used these amazing cabinet shelves from The Container Store . I used both the large and medium-size ones. The best part is that these double your storage space. Check out how many dishes and mugs these cabinets can now hold and you can see them all!


In several of my cabinets, I utilized these bins from The Container Store to corral various things like coffee items, spices, vases, and tea bags. These bins are amazing, I used them with my pantry organization (head here to check out that post) and in our bathrooms as well. They are such versatile and sturdy bins.



I fell in love with these adjustable cookware racks! I used them in our pots and pan drawers, as well as, in the cabinets above our oven to hold and organize platters. With these simple changes, I can more easily prep for cooking meals, and grab platters to serve breakfast on when my teenage girls have spend the nights! Everything is so easy to get to and visible!


I am so excited to share with you these bamboo dividers from The Container Store. They take empty drawers and instantly create dividers according to how close or far apart you place them. So many dividers come with the length set and you may find your items don’t all fit into them. With these, you can expand to fit your drawer needs and spacing.


Lastly, the bottom cabinets that sit closest to our kitchen table, holds all of our tablesetting supplies. I used the pantry bins again here in these deep drawers. They corral like items like placemats, runners, and cloth napkins for easy access to pull out when we have friends come to eat.

The “after” left our whole family smiling and saying “WOW”! In fact, instead of constantly being aware of the cabinets and drawers being open and only showing a bunch of disorganized space, we don’t mind them staying open anymore. The Container Store pieces met our needs as a family of six: maximum functionality, organized, and an overall clean and pretty look. Best of all is right
now, their kitchen sale is going on through April 6th with up to 25% off some of my favorite pieces! It’s so nice a home for everything and know exactly what we have.

Product List for Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

  • Bamboo Drawer Organizers Pkg/2 found here.

  • YouCopia White StoreMore Adjustable Cookware Rack found here.

  • iDESIGN Linus Large Pantry Bin Clear found here.

  • Large And Medium Cabinet Shelf found here.

  • madesmart White Lazy Susan found here.


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