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Create an Incredible Kitchen with These 5 Fun Spring Decorations

Decor | February 28, 2023

Get creative with your kitchen this spring with our list of five fun spring decorations. From garden-themed decorative objects to fun dish towels, we have plenty of ideas to make your kitchen an incredible space. Scroll down to check them out!




This post on the five fun spring decorations for your kitchen contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.


Spring kitchen ideas that will add charm to your space.


Welcome to springtime! This is the perfect season to add fun, colorful kitchen decorations. If you’re looking for some ideas to spruce up your kitchen this season, look no further!

In this blog post, I’ll share five amazing decorations that will transform your kitchen and make it an incredible space.


Fun Spring decorations in the kitchen.


I found everything I needed at JOANN! From garden-themed objects to wreaths, you’ll find five amazing decorations that will transform your kitchen into an incredible space at JOANN.

Check out all of their incredible spring selection now!

Charming decorations for your kitchen this Spring.

Create an Incredible Kitchen with These 5 Fun Spring Decorations

Garden-Themed Decorative Objects: Bring the Outside In


Garden-themed objects for a spring kitchen!

A ceramic rain boots planter couldn’t be cuter in a kitchen…do you agree?! I filled mine with faux tulips, but you can fill yours with any kind of spring stem.

Shop this (similar) ceramic rain boots planter here.

Creative Kitchenware: Add Colorful Dishes and Utensils


A bunny dish for your kitchen countertops.

Adding a ceramic bunny stand like this one is a creative way to incorporate spring themes and provide function as well. I am using mine to hold fruit.

Shop this (similar) bunny pedestal here.

Spring Dish Towels: Delight Your Guests with a Fun statement


Spring kitchen towels are perfect to place on your sink and countertops.

Add this two-pack of all-over bunnies towel set to your kitchen for a fun statement. I draped the bunny one over my sink and laid the textured green one on my countertop.

Shop this two-pack allover bunnies towel set here.

Wreaths: Create a Farmhouse Feel with Wreaths


Spring wreaths can add a lovely touch to your kitchen.

This eucalyptus wreath is so perfect for Spring and looks great indoors and outdoors. I just love the texture and color it added to my stovetop area.

Shop this 22″ eucalyptus wreath here.

Whimsical Accents: Create a charming Feel


Whimsical canister for spring

You can fill this cute container with just about anything! I chose to fill it with k-cups, but you can pour in ground coffee, sugar packets, or even jelly beans and use it on your countertops this spring.

Shop this Easter glass container with ceramic bunny ears here.


Spring wreath above the kitchen stove.

Spring is the perfect season for adding new decorations to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse feel, garden-themed decorative objects, or simply colorful dishes and utensils, there are plenty of amazing ways to spruce up your kitchen this season.

Take the time to add a few of these decorations to your kitchen, and you’ll surely have an incredible space.




Now that you’ve got some great ideas for transforming your kitchen this spring, let’s get to work!

Head over to JOANN and start shopping. Don’t forget to share your photos of your new kitchen decor on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #handmadewithjoann.


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