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Early Fall Tour Of Our Entryway And Foyer

Decor | September 3, 2018

This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.



Welcome to Fall, y’all! I’ve wanted to say that for a few weeks now, as the long hot summer days of Alabama have me longing for those cooler evenings. All I can think about is sitting on the back porch and admiring the changing leaves under a warm blanket. How about you?

I couldn’t wait to start decorating for fall though, and what better place to start than in our entryway and foyer area; it’s the first home space people see when they come over.  And to create my fall décor look, I utilized décor I had on hand plus seasonal home décor and florals from JOANN. 


So, grab some coffee, and come on in!

As you enter our front door, we like having a place where family and friends alike can hang purses, take off their coats, and stay awhile. This bench sits below our coat rack and gallery wall (which I transitioned into a Fall Gallery Wall, using seasonal pieces from JOANN. You can find instructions on the JOANN app). I love the feel and look of cozy, especially for fall, so there are plenty of pillows and a blanket to provide this overall warm feeling.



A gallery wall not only serves to provide visual interest from a design perspective, it’s also a fun way to incorporate various wall décor pieces, spanning from metals, woods, and natural elements. Though I wanted to utilize some items I already had on hand, my vision was to make it into a truly “Fall” gallery wall!


JOANN had a wide variety of Fall wall décor options to utilize for this vision, and I found many wood signs, metal pieces, and florals that exceeded my expectations for this project. For a full tutorial on this wall, you can head over to JOANN app.

The signs included in my gallery wall are:

“Gather Together” sign found here.

“Family Is Forever” sign found here.

“Home Is Such A Lovely Word” similar sign found here.

Vertical “AUTUMN” list sign found here.

Horizontal smaller fall List sign found here.

“Blessed” similiar sign found here.


JOANN had the perfect neutral florals. For Fall, I wanted to keep our look streamlined with the overall look of our home.  The eucalyptus garland and white pumpkin/greenery wreath from JOANN completed the wall.




Near to the bench sits an old pine dresser that we painted white.  Atop this dresser, I enjoy changing out the décor as the seasons change.  For this space, I was thrilled to find this gorgeous pair of glass cloches, fall-colored pots, and moss at JOANN. The little pumpkins were some I had from last year that I painted white to keep with the neutral fall palette going.

5730216A-F1AB-454A-9549-839D054EA6C0 2.JPG


Across from the gallery wall and dresser area is an old chippy table that is now dressed up for Fall. The “Pumpkin Patch” sign from JOANN inspired me to create a mini pumpkin patch on top of the table utilizing their unpainted, paper mache pumpkins found here. I loved the size and shape of these pumpkins. I did paint them white, and it seems to bring out the great texture.



JOANN also had these candle pillars (found here) and candles (found here).  These add an excellent Fall layer below the table.

Lastly, just as the florals surrounding the gallery wall/bench area completed the look, the cotton stems from JOANN mixed with the greenery here did the same. The mini “GATHER” sign can also be found at JOANN here.



I couldn’t be more pleased with all of these seasonal home décor pieces and florals from JOANN.  Their wide selection appeals to various preferences. Whereas I chose a neutral color palette, JOANN has many colors, textures, and materials that can create whatever seasonal look you envision for your home.


I hope you enjoyed your time at our home and that you will come back to visit soon…happy (early) Fall y’all!

Early Fall Tour Of Our Entryway And Foyer.png

Early Fall Tour Of Our Entryway And Foyer.png


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