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How To Create The Perfect Cozy Bedroom

Decor | August 24, 2018

This post contains sponsored links. The 6 items featured in this series were all provided by Overstock; all opinions and reviews are my own.



Over the last month, we have been making some updates to our Master Bedroom. My focus has been on making our bedroom as cozy and functional as possible with a farmhouse style. To achieve this, I focused blending various textures including: metals, wood, soft linens, and natural elements.


 So, today I am sharing with you six things you need to do to create a cozy bedroom.

1.  Oversized Down Comforter: When I think of an inviting bed, I think of thick covers that keep you warm at night! An oversized down comforter does just that. You can find mine here.


2.  Gathered Cotton Bedskirt: Nothing says casual like flowy, white cotton fabric does. And, a draping bedskirt will help you accomplish that feel. I recommend ordering one a few inches longer than your exact measurements to give you that nice, flowy look. You can find mine here.


3.  3-Piece Comforter Set: This is the layer that everyone sees, and an all-white bed guarantees that casual farmhouse style. Bonus if it has ruffles like this one here! Plus, neutral comforter sets provide the perfect foundation for swapping out various throw pillows during seasonal changes.  You can find mine here.


4.  Light Wood Bead Chandelier: This romantic light fixture was a truly transformative piece from the previous feature (a dark ceiling fan). Some people have asked me about how you stay cool at night if you don’t have a ceiling fan; we just added a table top fan that sit beside the bed, and works great. You can find mine here.


5.  Nine-drawer Wood Dresser: My husband and I have had a rather less-than-desirable clothing storage solution for some time now, so when I was choosing our dresser my top priority was it being large enough to hold both of our clothing and everyday basics. And this one, that has 9 drawers, offers all of that, plus with its gray wash finish it blends seamlessly with all white bedding and a jute rug. You can find mine here.


6.  Chunky Jute Rug: If you’ve followed along with me long enough, you know I’m a sucker for jute rugs! And when it’s a chunky jute rug, that’s icing on the cake. Jute rugs are the perfect neutral backdrop to endless options of adding color through pillows and accessories throughout the seasons.  I chose a 9 x 12 so it would expand far enough on all sides of our king size bed.  You can find mine here.




With these tips, you’re bound to be able to create your own perfectly cozy bedroom. What are you waiting for?


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