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Creative And Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Holidays | October 19, 2019


One of my favorite memories of Halloween night is having the before trick or treating dinner party with our family. My older sister hosted a Halloween, pre-trick-or-treat party for many years. We have years of pictures with all of our children sitting on her front steps in their costumes. Halloween parties can be spooky or not so spooky, kid-friendly or just for adults, and a great tradition to host for family and/or friends year after year.


I have joined up with several blogger friends to share creative and fun Halloween party ideas! Included in this post are haunted dinner party ideas, inspiring table centerpieces, and spooky food table and decor to inspire you! Let’s go check them out.


I shared How To Style A Not So Spooky Halloween Party Food Table here. I knew that the food table would be something that I wanted to make special but also very do-able time and budget-wise. By following these suggestions, you too can style a not so spooky Halloween party food table! One of my favorite tips was creating a backdrop for your table; it helps define your tablescape space. Plus, you’ve got to go see how I used fairy lights to create a fun glow on the table. For your convenience, I have a complete product list at the end of this post so you can recreate this exact tablescape! Ready to get started? Come check them out here.

The Tattered Pew


Kelly over at The Tattered Pew shared A Simply DIY Halloween Centerpiece ! I love how Kelly used her dough bowl, black gauze and other Halloween decor elements to create the fun “happy accident” centerpiece. She shares why it was a “happy accident” over in this post. I love how she layered her centerpiece with lots of textures and materials too; it looks so good! You’ve got to go see all the details of her dining room here too! You are doing to love seeing all these details up close!

We’re The Jonses


Merichelle over at We’re The Jonses shared How to Throw a Haunted Halloween Dinner Party . Merichelle nailed the haunted dinner party look! She used so many spooky pieces like the black willow trees, candelabra, and skull lights above the table. One of my favorite parts of this was the personalized element she added for her dinner guests by having their names on pumpkins instead of using name cards. Wouldn’t it be fun to find your name on one of these pumpkins!?! I also love all the Halloween pillows she uses. Head over to see it all here to read all of her amazing tips!

Photo credit: The Tattered Pew

Photo credit: The Tattered Pew

I hope you all enjoyed these Halloween party ideas! We hope you walk away with tons of inspiration when hosting your next Halloween party.


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Photo credit: We’re The Jonses

Photo credit: We’re The Jonses

Creative And Fun Halloween Party Ideas.png
Creative And Fun Halloween Party Ideas.png

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