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10 Reasons Why I Love These Bed Sheets

Decor | October 21, 2019


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by American Blossom Linens; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


I am so excited to share with you the new bed sheets we received from a familyowned and made in USA business, American Blossom Linens. My mission today is to let you know ten reasons why I love these sheets. The next time you are ready to replace your sheets, or are just looking for a wonderful night’s sleep, check out these soft, environmentally safe, and budget-friendly linens. Plus, with Christmas coming up, what a fantastic gift to give your loved ones. These are the exact sheets we received and you can use the code “SHEGAVEITAGO20” for 20% off your purchase! Yay! Now, let’s get started!


Made in American Bedding

When I received these Classic American-Made, Organic Cotton Sheets from American Blossom Linens, I opened the box to see this lovely and personalized note (and even a little bag of tea). What a refreshing way to do business! I love that these sheets are made right here in the USA! They are the oldest domestic sheet manufacturer in the USA, making linens for over 115 years!

Created and led by women

This was something that really touches home, because of the message I am trying to keep out in front of me and inspire others to do as well. Give it a go! I love that these women gave it a go and created a business that is so well done. It is an honor to join alongside these female entrepreneurs by sharing all about their sheets. These women strive to make your experience top-notch, with an emphasis on bringing you into their textile family!


100% organic cotton

With them being 100% organic cotton grown by family farmers, it just makes them all the better! They even have a video on their website, found here, where they tell you more about this process. You can walk through interviews with the family farmers as well as learn more about USA cotton!

Gets softer with every wash

These linens are already soft, and it’s fantastic to know that with every wash, they will even get softer. I love how their fabric is smooth (not scratchy feeling like some we’ve had). You can instantly tell the difference of the “feel” of these sheets the minute you open up their box.


Always free shipping

Who doesn’t appreciate this reason?! Free shipping is always a reason to celebrate, and definitely impacts an online purchase for me.

2 Year Risk-Free Trial

You can read all about their Happiness Guarantee here. They want all of their customers to be 100% satisfied! Once you get your sheets, they encourage you to wash them, sleep on them, and most likely fall in love with them. If for some reason you are not happy, they will give you a full refund for up to 2 years!


“Top” and “Bottom” labels make putting on fitted sheets and keeping them in place a total dream

This is seriously a game-changer! How many times have you tried to put on a fitted sheet only to find out that you had the wrong ends placed; it’s not fun haha! You simply place accordingly, and the bed is made correctly in no time. No more guessing if that first corner you put on is going to be right or not, haha!

Generously sized to fit today’s luxury beds

American Blossom Linens are overall wider and longer than other sheet sets. If you are looking to have a nice top sheet tuck, these are for you! Plus, they have 16” deep pockets, meaning they can fit securely on most mattresses out there. It’s so important to me that the pockets are deep enough, so they don’t shift or move around when you move but rather stay in place!


High-quality bedding without traditional markups

American Blossom linens are manufactured in Georgia. They do not use any retailers or work through a middle man, but come straight to the customer from the plant. Because of this, they can keep these fantastic linens at a great cost. It also feels good to know that you are supporting agriculture here in the USA, and textile companies who are working hard to bring quality products to us the consumers! Read more on this here.

Great night sleep

On their website, American Blossom Linens are so sure you will be happy with these sheets, that they have a happiness guarantee (as I mentioned above). What is happiness with bedsheets? A good night’s sleep, of course! And I can say that they are the perfect weight, feel, and overall just perfect to help you get that solid night’s rest!


I am so impressed with American Blossom Linen’s high standards and passion for what they do. They genuinely care about their business from the farmer to the ones who work at their manufacturing plant in Georgia. You will love how soft and lovely these sheets truly are! Two thumbs up!! Head here to grab you a set of these lovely linens and don’t forget to use code “SHEGAVEITAGO20” for 20% off you order!


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