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How To Easily Decorate Your Bedroom For Fall

Decor | August 19, 2022

Who doesn’t love a cozy bedroom during these colder months? If you agree, you have landed at the right place. This post will share how to easily decorate your bedroom for Fall!

How To Easily Decorate Your Bedroom For Fall

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collage of fall bedroom decor ideas


Who doesn’t love a cozy bedroom during these colder months? I know I do!

I am excited to share with you in this post how to easily create a cozy fall bedroom. There are 5 elements that you should incorporate to create this look.

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She Gave It A Go fall bedding

Before you begin, consider the season’s colors, textures, and specific items related to that season (i.e., summer and ferns, fall and pumpkins, Christmas and sleds, etc.) when decorating your bedroom. Simply take into consideration these things, and you are ready to go.

Protip: Stumped on your color palette? Just google or head to Pinterest and type in “fall color palette”.

Image Credit: Gathering Home

For my fall home, I enjoy adding lots of fall colors inside of our home, layers and various textures, and fall scents to make everything feel cozy and welcoming each year.

You can see my most recent fall home tours here and here.

Fall Bedroom Decor 

Fall Bedding 

Fall bedding includes fall sheets, nubby blankets, thick comforters/duvets, and throw pillows.


cozy fall bedding view with leaf sheets and a navy blanket

She Gave It A Go Fall bedroom

You can see how both of these bedrooms are perfect examples of how Fall bedding can instantly give your bedroom that inviting look.

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Image Credit:

Fall Scented Candles

Fall fragrances such as pumpkin spice, mulled cider, and cedarwood are all great for this season.

My favorite fall candles can be found HERE and HERE.

Image credit: Love Grows Wild blog

Wall Art or Wreath

Adding art to your walls is always a good idea in your bedroom! I love fall-themed canvas paintings and wood signs.


You can also easily hang a wreath on your walls with a command hook.

master bedroom with fall decor including a pumpkin canvas on the wall

She Gave It A Go fall bedroom

The star of the show is the moody, large seasonal pumpkin wall art! This is the lumina pumpkin painting. I love how to wall decor can transform a space for the various seasons

Fall branches and Foliage

I love using branches and foilage in every room of our home for fall, and don’t leave out your bedroom!


You can use branches from your yard or find faux ones in the store. I like the look of both!

Remember, odd number pairings are the most appealing to the eye…so think in terms of 3, 5, 7, etc. when displaying items on a tabletop like your dresser.

Cozy Lighting

Cozy lighting includes string lights, lamps, and candles.

Image: Tumblr

Who doesn’t prefer ambient lighting versus overhead lighting? I know I do!

master bedroom with fall bedding

She Gave It A Go fall bedroom

I hope you feel inspired to decorate your bedroom for Fall with these 5 cozy elements. It is easy to do when you have this decor, and you’ll enjoy it all the fall months.



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