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How To Create A Cozy Living Room Corner For Fall

Decor | August 22, 2022

I am so excited to share with you how to decorate a “living room corner” for Fall.  With just 5 items, I easily transformed this empty space into one that is cozy and moody. Scroll down to check it out! 

How To Create A Cozy Living Room Corner For Fall

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fall pillows on living room sofa

Pillows on sofa!

I am head over heels about the Studio McGee at Target collection for Fall. This collection includes pieces for every space in your home, including your living room. I was drawn to the warm tans and creams, as well as the moody black accent pieces. And, of course, if you know me, you know that the nubby pillows and other textures amplified that cozy, fall look.


sofa with pillows and black cabinet with baskets

Black cabinet styled for a cozy corner.

Of course, Studio McGee at Target items is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. I love how beautiful this living room corner came together with just 5 pieces that I am sharing with you in this post.


Protip: Don’t miss this FREE downloadable and printable guide that includes 2 more layout ideas on how to create cozy corners in your home.

Moody Cabinet


black cabinet with door open to show built-in storage

Cabinet door opens to show built-in storage!

This 66″ East Bluff Woven Cabinet Black sets the stage for a cozy, fall living room corner. Not only does it instantly and beautifully “fill” the space, but it offers functionality too, with extra storage for items such as books, picture frames, and blankets.

black cabinet with gold handles

Gold handle detailing on the cabinet.

I love the woven detail and gold handles on the doors.

Rattan Baskets

rattan baskets sitting on top of the black cabinet

Rattan baskets on the black cabinet.

As I mentioned earlier, there are warm tones in this collection, especially in these rattan cube baskets. The cabinet perfectly holds two of these baskets side by side to add height to your corner and more storage.

Rattan Tray


black cabinet with baskets and plant in corner of living room

Styled cozy corner in living room.

Why not add another rattan piece to your cozy corner this fall with this rectangle woven tray? I love how it sits nicely on the open, bottom shelf of the cabinet. You can use it to hold books and other decorative items.

Potted Plant

magnolia plant in corner by cabinet

Potted plant by cabinet.

Add a plant to your living room corner! This olive green magnolia potted plant looks amazing in this corner. Plants are a welcoming touch to any space and bring an organic and nature-inspired element. The darker olive-colored leaves are perfect for fall hues.

Oversized Pillows

oversized pillows on sofa in living room

Oversized pillows on sofa!

Textiles such as pillows and blankets soften spaces in a home. I placed two pillows in front of the cabinet to do just that and, of course, to encourage relaxing by the fire during the fall and winter months ahead.


cozy living room with pillows and chunky blanket

Full view of pillows styled on sofa!

I used a total of four Studio McGee at Target pillows (2 on the floor, 2 on my sofa) for this look. Check them out below:

What do you think?

modern farmhouse style living room

Full view of styled cabinet for fall

I hope you are inspired to create a cozy living room corner in your home too now.

I love walking through our front door now and seeing this space all decorated and ready for the fall and winter months ahead.




  1. Lynn says:

    Leave it to Target to have the best pieces for fall! Love it all! Well done, my friend 🙂

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