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Amazon Prime Day 2023: Deals, Discounts & Finds!

Decor | July 11, 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is here! Get ready for two days of amazing deals, discounts, and lots of fabulous finds, including items that are my home bestsellers! Whether you want to update your wardrobe, look for new kitchen appliances, or refresh your bedding, there’s something for everyone! Scroll down to check out all the awesome things you can get now!


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What is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

I am so excited it is here! Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event (July 11-12) where you can get amazing deals on a ton of different stuff. You can find discounts on home decor, bedding, electronics, clothes, kitchen gadgets, outdoor furniture, and more.


bed with artwork above

My bedroom


I’m most excited about the home and bedding that’s on sale!

This guide is here to help you catch all the great deals.

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It’s super easy to enter. Just go to the link HERE. But don’t wait – the contest closes on 7/12/2023.

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Plan Your Prime Day Shopping Strategy

If you want to shop for the Prime Day sale, you must be a Prime member. That means you get access to deals plus more, like free shipping and unique content. You don’t want to miss out on any of the offers, so make sure you’re a Prime member.

Sign up HERE!


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As a member, it’s essential to have a plan when shopping on Prime Day. There are many products and discounts, so set a budget so you don’t overspend. And check reviews from other customers to help you make good choices.

Now you’re ready to shop!

Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Deals, Discounts & Finds!

My Home Bestsellers


my home bestsellers Amazon Prime Day graphic

I’m excited that so many of my bestsellers that we have in our home are part of the Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals!

Many of you already know how much I love these items, as I’ve shared them here on my blog, on Instagram, and on my other social media accounts. We use them all the time, and now is the time for you to grab them!

I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Refresh Your Bedroom with New Bedding.

Graphic for bedding on Amazon Prime Day


I love talking about bedrooms, especially bedding. I’m really excited about the Prime Day deals this year for 2023.

You can get lots of great stuff like comforters, mattress toppers, blankets, pillows, and more. I own several of these products and share them often on my Instagram page. You can see all my bedding videos HERE!

We have a free, printable guide with easy instructions in five steps HERE. Plus, when you sign up, you join the She Gave It A Go Insider Community. That means you get special decor tips, family resources, decor discounts, and more – just for you!

Join now and start getting all the great benefits!


Kitchen Essentials: Upgrade and Refresh


Amazon Prime graphic for kitchen deals

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is a great chance to buy the kitchen appliance or decoration you’ve been thinking of. There are even sales on snacks and drinks.

We use the electric kettle every day, and our daughters found that an air fryer is very useful when living in a dorm. Of course, don’t miss the fantastic coffee machines on sale too-cheers on that!

Shop now!

Outdoor Spaces Must-Haves


Amazon graphic of Outdoor finds for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an excellent opportunity to spruce up your backyard. Get a fancy new grill, a comfy hammock, and even some bug repellents to keep those mosquitoes away.

Andy got a Traeger grill and solar lights to make the backyard warm and welcoming. Don’t miss out!

Shop now!

Beauty & Fashion with Amazing Discounts


Graphic for fashion and beauty on Amazon Prime day

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your closet! There are tons of fashionable clothes and accessories to choose from. I found so many fantastic items that I wanted, like espadrille sandals and blouses.

You can also get beauty and skincare products for an excellent price. I finally got this Olaplex system and Drybar brush!

Shop now!

The Hottest Deals on Electronics


Graphic for Amazon Prime day electronics

One of the best things about Amazon Prime Day 2023 is the fantastic deals on electronics and accessories. You can find items like TVs, Echo speakers, laptops, and gaming consoles at unbeatable prices!

Our favorite? The Amazon Echo! It is a super helpful gadget for the home. It can give you weather info, play music, and even help you find recipes without lifting a finger – making life more convenient and fun!

Shop now!



Now, let the shopping begin! What Prime Day deals in 2023 are you most excited about?

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