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A Farmhouse Shelf Styled Three Different Ways

Decor | June 1, 2018

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I wanted to share with you all the 3 ways that I have styled this chippy shelf over the past few months. I enjoy changing it up, especially over the course of various seasons and holidays.  Shelf styling (farmhouse style) doesn’t have to be intimidating; while there are some “rules” out there, I keep it simple by using various textures, heights and layering as my guidelines.  Other than that, I don’t stick to any hard and fast rules which I hope will inspire you to try it out yourself. I’ve shared a resource shopping list at the end that provides links to help you create a similiar look!

Shelf Styling One

Shelf Styling One

Style One: This shelf styling was inspired by the “It is well with my soul” sign I received from Lianne @letterbrugg, as well as, some loose flowers that were from a Valentine’s bouquet my husband had given me. I don’t always practice symmetry in my farmhouse decor styling, but I did want symmetry here. I achieved it by using two different home decor items: a wooden lantern on one side and 2 chippy candlesticks on the other side.  I then layered a small “wreath” (which is actually a garland rolled up into a wreath; a simple DIY I found in the book, “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm” by Liz Fourez) layered on top of an old window that is leaning against the wall. 

Shelf Styling Two

Shelf Styling Two

Style Two: As winter began to fade away and spring was on the horizon, I traded out some of the previous pieces by adding more pots and faux greenery.  This spring and summer, terra cotta pots are an on trend item in farmhouse decor, and are being used in various ways! You can read more about decorating with them in a blog article I wrote here.  Also, the “wreath” is now a garland and a different small wreath (I had on hand) has replaced it.  Between the chippy woods, terra cotta pots, and greenery, there is much texture represented here.  The glow of the candle from Kelli @kandacandles adds a touch of coziness to this shelf.

Shelf Styling Three

Shelf Styling Three

Style Three: This last shelf styling was the easiest, because these items were part of a collection from my friend Julie @thefamilymantel sent me.  She hand picks each of these pieces to form a themed collection, cutting out the need for shopping and decision making.  I just love how it all comes together so beautifully.  Old books tied with twine, a galvanized bin, and glass bottles make for great textures.  Height is achieved from stacking boxes and candlesticks, as well the use of faux flowers in glass bottles. This look also has some splashes of color.  I did not add a wreath to the window because of the taller stems from this greenery.

While keeping your shelves styled the same is wonderful, changing it up can be fun too! Oftentimes, you already have on hand what you can use to incorporate small but appreciated changes on your shelves.  Using layers, varying heights, and mulitple textures as your guidelines, you are sure to achieve beautifully, farmhouse styled shelves. 

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