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It’s Going To Be A Great Summer

Family | May 29, 2018


This was a view we came upon when riding in a boat this past weekend at my Mother in Law’s lake house.  Off in the in distance, you can see two columns that are old train trestles and just past those are waterfalls cascading off the rocks. From views like these to anchoring our boat in the middle of the lake, this boat ride was unanimously declared the highlight of our family’s mini vacation to North Alabama.


While we had some tired moments–from being out in the hot sun too long, to teen girls getting a little too hyped at dinner about eyeing the young male who worked at the boathouse (LOL)–it was a time for me to realize that summer is indeed both a wonderful time sprinkled in with some normal, everyday struggles families and friends alike experience. 


It’s in those normal, everyday struggles that we grow together and have moments to teach our children a lesson, or model behavior that is healthy, or just to really listen to each other.  So, while they can seem intense and numerous on some days, your family is molding and shaping all along through these. I used to think if everyone wasn’t happy, all the time, I’ve failed as a mom. I’ve come to realize that’s impossible, right?!


So, consider seeing moments in these ways that empower you as a parent, and you and me, we will have a great summer!

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