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3 Things To Know About The Haven Conference

Collaboration | July 23, 2019

I am so excited to share with you what the Haven Conference is all about, the amazing community of bloggers and sponsors that attend, and advice on lodging. This conference can be a rejuvenating and networking experience for DIY and Home Decor bloggers and entrepreneurs.


What is the Haven Conference?

This was my second time attending Haven, so I felt like I knew much better what to expect and how it all looked and worked overall as a conference. In a nutshell, I think the description from their website describes its overall mission best: “The Haven Conference is a place to celebrate the DIY spirit, learn new skills and build an online business. Entrepreneurs, makers, and leading influencers gather together to share, teach, and inspire. Mingle with sponsors, try new products, and grow your brand. Most importantly, the Haven Conference is a place for community.”


At Haven, you can choose from several small sessions to attend each of the two days you are there. One of my favorites was all about creating a media kit. Although I already had one, this class opened my eyes to new and much more effective strategies. I learned a few vital tips for growing my small marketing and media business as a blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur. You also have the opportunity to hear encouragement, challenges, and fun keynote speakers in the mornings and evenings.


KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms was such a joy to get to hear speak. Her words resonated with me, and I walked away from her talk realizing just how much opportunity we have to try and do great things every day with our gifts and talents. Also, there are a ton of great sponsors at Haven every year, and this year I was so excited to visit many of their booths! Some of the ones I most enjoyed connecting with included Hoover, Sinkology, The Home Depot and Behr.


Make New Friends And Deepen The Connections With The Ones You Already Have

This is truly a magical part of the Haven Conference. I learned last year that the friends I talk to over social media every day are that much more wonderful to chat with in real life! There were so many people I got to meet and then see again that I felt happy all the time haha! The community of influencers, bloggers, and sponsors that attend Haven are special. If you came discouraged or nervous, you would leave encouraged, motivated, and confident.


Each person you talk with wants to get to know you and your business better. You exchange tips and tricks on what has been working and not working for you. You connect in ways you just can’t through a phone like sharing dinners, meeting for coffee during a break, and dressing up in 80s attire for the last night party like my roommates and I did. It’s so much fun!


I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend Kirkland’s insiders dinner on the night I arrived in Atlanta, GA (which was 2019 location). A friend of mine, Merichelle from We’re The Jonses , and I rode together and were blown away at how lovely everything had been set up for us at this special time of mingling and dining together. Each place setting was so beautifully styled, and they even had succulents with your name on them to mark your spot. We had the privilege of sitting with two Kirkland’s representatives and had the best time dining and spending time with them.


Staying At An Air BNB Was A Huge Highlight

Last year there were four of us who stayed in one hotel room, trying to save money which was a good idea, but we felt very cramped. While staying at the hotel where the conference is hosted definitely has some positives, we couldn’t have been happier with our decision to stay at a local Air BNB. I had not stayed at an Air BNB until now, and this experience has prompted me to want to do it more often! It was a lovely home only @10 minutes away from the conference hotel.


When I first arrived, at The Manse at Hedgewood Stay (contact to rent this Air BNB is listed at the end of this post), I was blown away at how gorgeous the landscape and building itself looked. It did not feel like I was surrounded by the city. As you walked in, it just kept getting better and better. The design pieces, wall colors, and all the special touches made it feel just lovely. We also found that they had many things on hand that you need! From shampoos and plenty of towels, to coffee and creamer options, they had everything. There was even a full size laundry room! I was ready to move in this place!


One of my favorite things about staying at this Air BNB was the open floor concept that prompted us to gather and hang out. We ate dinner together at the lovely kitchen table, sat and talked in the living room areas both up and downstairs, and drank coffee together at the coffee bar area off of the kitchen. We also all slept better in the spacious and cozy king size beds.


I hope knowing these three things about the Haven Conference will give you a better understanding and convince you to give it a try one day! It is the most uplifting, educational, and straight up fun conference I have experienced in the DIY and Home Decor world. As an influencer and blogger, you can sometimes feel like you’re the only one doing this kind of work in your everyday circles, so to go where you are surrounded by people who are doing the same job as you is just wonderful.


Our stay was provided by the owner of this Air BNB. I give it 5 stars!

Information to rent it:

  • Hedgewood Stay located at 2183 Niles Place, Atlanta, GA 30324

  • Primary Contact: Pam Sessions (email:


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  1. Kelly Radcliff says:

    Brendt this was such a great post! So glad we were roomies again. You are such a blessing to me and I am so excited to follow along on your blogging journey!

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