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5 Amazingly Savory Peach Recipes For Summer

Recipes | July 27, 2019

Today I am sharing five savory summer peach recipes that I know you will love! Whether you use them for cooking, as a condiment, or as part of a drink, peaches are sure to add both a sweet and refreshing taste to your gatherings around the table. Read on to discover these fantastic recipes!

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There is a small town that is not too far from where we live that has a colossal peach water tower right off the interstate. We’ve passed by that peach water tower my entire life on road trips, and if we were lucky as kids, we’d stop to get vanilla ice cream topped with fresh peaches from their local farmers. We’ve also bought many baskets of fresh, juicy peaches. Peaches are part of summer just like swimming, fireflies in the evenings, and taking vacations.

I have joined up with several blogger friends to share with y’all five delicious peach recipes. I am so excited to walk you through these recipes that your friends and family will enjoy so much! Let’s get started.


Summer Recipe For A Delicious Banana Peach Smoothie

Our children have always loved smoothies, and it has been fun over the years experimenting with various fruits, yogurts, and other add-ins to see what they enjoy. So with peach greek yogurt in our fridge, that was the winning combo for the day! To add a little protein, I tossed in some chia seeds as well. Sound delicious? It was! I can’t wait for you to check out the recipe here. I know we’ll be making this banana peach smoothie again.


Peach Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Appetizer

Janine from Happy Happy Nester shared this delicious peach appetizer that mixes sour with sweet (one of my favorite combos!) and she nailed it by adding peaches, jalapeños, and a few other ingredients to create a jelly that sounds amazing! She recommends adding this on top of cream cheese and a cracker…Yum!


Paleo Peach Pie in Mason Jars

Ashley from Modern Glam shared these adorable mason jar peach pies that happen to be Paleo-friendly too! Is there anything more fun than serving nostalgic peach pie in a mason jar?! I love this. Plus, it reminded me of just how creative you can be when adhering to a paleo diet; if it includes this peach pie, that’s a win! I appreciate how she emphasizes how natural sugar from the fruit itself is enough! Cannot wait to make these cute pies.


White Peach Sangria Smash

Krista over at The Happy Housie shared her own version of a white wine sangria here. I love her use of all the fresh fruit (of course the peaches!) and the various tips she offers to add certain twists to the recipe. She describes this drink as a perfect blend of refreshing and tangy, emphasizing that it will be a “smash” at your next get together. Head over here to check out all the details!


Sweet Chili Peach Glazed BBQ Chicken With Grilled Peaches, Scallions and Onions

Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home shared amazing tips about hosting a summer garden dinner party. Within the post, she generously shared the menu that she used for the dinner, including this peach BBQ recipe. I would have loved to be a guest at this outdoor dinner party; how lovely! I can only imagine how perfect the peach BBQ tasted here at this table. This recipe will be something we definitely try in the days to come.

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Don’t these recipes have you wanting to run to your local market or grocery store and try them out for yourself? I know I do! It was so fun sharing these amazingly savory peach recipes with you all! They’re sure to refresh you during these hot summer days and nights.

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