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10 Simple Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today

Family | February 17, 2021

Acts of kindness can be easy to do, yet have a tremendous impact on the world around us and beyond. I am sharing 10 simple ideas of how you can spread kindness today!

“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” —Eric Hoffer.

I’d like to tell you a story about how I watched a string of acts of kindness unfold in front of me.  And it left me feeling happy!

A couple of weekends ago, our family had traveled to Tennessee for my daughter’s volleyball tournament. We had gone to grab some breakfast at the hotel restaurant before leaving for the day.  While we were waiting to be helped, one of the ladies that had been waiting on her food, told the staff to just give her food to someone else because she didn’t have any longer to wait.  She’d already paid for her chicken and waffles.  When the food was brought out, the staff offered it to one of us who may want it.

The lady in front of us happily accepted it but proceeded to then leave a tip for the waitress that was in the amount of the food. A kindness chain was forming quickly.  The waitress then looked at me and took our order.  When she brought it out, she said, just enjoy it. Free of charge! So, 3 acts occurred over the course of 10 minutes and it was contagious.  The next step? For me to spread the chain myself.

Have you ever thought about the effect that simple acts of kindness can have on others? Think about the last time someone held the door for you, or maybe someone said something to you that was complimentary.  If we’re having a bad day, things like this can impact us and potentially turn that bad day around. Acts of kindness can be easy to do, yet have a tremendous impact on the world around us and beyond.

I love that National Random Acts of Kindness Day is a day set aside to celebrate and put our focus on these actions (and it is today!). The challenge for us, however, is to be mindful of acts of kindness every day of the year! Let’s move them from random acts to intentional acts!!

Below are 10 simple acts of kindness you can do today:

  1. Say hello (and smile) to every person you come in contact with.
  2. Let someone else have that parking space.
  3. Write a note to someone in your family on a sticky note telling them what they mean to you.
  4. Pay for the person’s meal or coffee in line behind you at a drive-through
  5. Compliment someone, be specific!
  6. Let the other person go first.
  7. Take 5 minutes to gather items you no longer use and drop them off at a local charity bin.
  8. Hug each family member, for 10 seconds!
  9. When someone is talking, show them you are really listening by only looking at them.
  10. Ask a loved one, “What can I do to help you today”.


The ideas are endless! What are ways you’ve been kind to others that you would add to this list? “Remember, there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple effect with no logical end.” -Scott Adams

Be the one to start that ripple effect today. 

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