The Must-Have Checklist For A Teen Girl Bedroom

Decor | February 28, 2020


[This post contains sponsored links. The daybed and hammock chair featured and linked in this post was provided by Joss & Main; all opinions and reviews are my own. This post contains affiliate links too. If you click on these links and buy something, I make a commission at no cost to you.)


Are you looking for how to create the perfect teen girl bedroom? This must-have checklist includes cute decorating ideas for her. I had so much fun working with my middle daughter, who is almost 15, to create this bedroom. I had recently done another makeover found here, with my oldest daughter for her room. So, having three teen daughters gives me the experience to so confidently say that these are the must-haves, haha! They are the pieces that all three of them are looking to have in their bedrooms. Come check it out!


Must-Have Checklist For A Teen Girl Bedroom:

  1. Cozy Bed

  2. Lots Of Throw Pillows

  3. String Lights

  4. Posters

  5. Hanging Chairs

  6. Faux Fur Rugs

  7. Plants

  8. Floor Mirrors

  9. Blankets

  10. Picture Frames or Photo Wall

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When my daughter was designing her room, she wanted to have a less cluttered feel and more space to move around within her room. She found this fantastic tufted, full-size daybed that she fell in love with from Joss & Main. I will have to say I was a bit hesitant to move forward with a daybed at first, but we could not be happier with how much bigger her room feels. It’s so much more open! And, this daybed is well made and sturdy. It was an excellent choice for her room. Her friends have already come over and enjoyed hanging out on her daybed and the rug.


Think in terms of mixing and matching colors, textures, and patterns. Teen girl room decor is not “matchy” anymore. For example, we found this soft, neutral quilt then added a chunky blanket, and added in lots of various throw pillows to get that look every girl wants. Bonus? Have faux fur in both the pillows and rug. This faux fur “rug” is actually just an oversized throw! You can find a faux fur rug here and a shag rug (which is another good option) here.


Hanging chairs are something every teen girl wants, but we knew that we couldn’t choose one that would take up too much space. This Joss & Main chair hammock was the right size, and it is so fun to have in her room. Of course, my son wants one now too in his room, lol! I also love the texture this chair hammock adds next to the bed.


As far as the wall decor, string lights are so fun and whimsical for their rooms! All of my teenage daughters have lights like these in their rooms, often using them as their main source of lighting. And, just like back in my teenage days (ha-ha), posters are back! We found some really cute ones that coordinated well together. I share links to the ones here in her room at the end of this post. We are still adding a photo wall to the other side of her room (think in terms of printing out at least 50-75 of their favorite photos and using paint friendly adhesive to stick them to the wall).


The final touches are full-length mirrors and plants! If you feel like your teen is ready for a real plant, then go for it! I opted for faux plants when placing them in my girl’s bedrooms. They are really cute on shelves, side tables, and desks. They also look cute on the floor, like this larger plant here.


I hope you found this must-have checklist for a teen girl bedroom helpful! It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the better! (For instance, if you noticed, she does not have curtains on her windows.) This trendy teenage girl’s bedroom checklist will have her room up to par with her age.

What is your favorite part of this space?

Don’t miss below the product list for this bedroom for your convenience!


Teen Girl Bedroom Product List:

  1. Philomena Daybed found here.

  2. Parker Woven Cotton Chair Hammock found here.

  3. Comforter Set Simple Stripe with Stitch Embroidery found here.

  4. Clear Outdoor Light Clips with Foam Strips Value Pack (32 Clips 36 Strips) found here and Clear Globe Lights White found here.

  5. Soft Faux Sheepskin Fluffy Rug found here.

  6. Cream Faux Fur Square Throw Pillow 18″x18″ found here.

  7. Mila Faux Fur Throw Pillow found here.

  8. Pleated Velvet Round Throw Pillow found here.

  9. Crafty Lemon Bae Bae Bae Art Print found here.

  10. Emanuela Carratoni La Lune Art Print found here.

  11. Tessa Neustadt Polignano I Art Print found here.

  12. Chelsea Victoria The Queen Butterfly Art Print found here.

  13. 26″ Faux Rubber Tree Potted Plant found here.

  14. Hardwick Chunky Knitted Throw found here.


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