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The Cozy Home Checklist

Decor | October 13, 2017


If I had to define my decorating style in a few words, it would be cozy farmhouse. My favorite décor pieces are COZY. And not just in the Fall and Winter. Year round, I find myself drawn to pieces and fabrics that make our home feel warm, comfortable and inviting. 

How about you? Do you love décor that welcomes you into rest and relax?

If so, or if you feel the need to bring a little more “cozy” in your decorating, I’ve put together a cozy checklist for you. It’s sure to add that warm, inviting feeling to your home.  

This checklist hits on all five of your senses, which is ideal when trying to capture the Cozy feel. 


What You Need For A Cozy Home (Call it your “Cozy Home Checklist”) 

  1. Blankets. Lightweight during the Summer and heavyweight during the Winter
  2. Pillows. Layers upon layers. (You can never have too many pillows!) 
  3. Lamps. Utilize these instead of overhead lighting
  4. Candles. For both the aroma and the welcoming mood their lighting gives off
  5. Music. The right music can bring back old memories or create new ones. (It’s easy to forget that music can be an awesome tool to create a perfect home environment.)
  6. Personal Memorabilia. Pictures of family and friends, antlers from a successful hunting trip, etc.
  7. Antique Furniture. Time-worn and tattered gives a sense of grounding and belonging
  8. Rugs. Whether you use one rug in an area or layer your rugs, it provides softness and a layer of warmth to your home.
  9. Collections. Gather like items and display together; it will give a sense of purpose and visual beauty.
  10. Words On Display. Wooden signs, metal signs, and everything in between; words can be assuring and defining what your home is about. 


I’m hopeful that you already have many of the items on hand; it may mean you pull out some blankets that haven’t been utilized used in a while or maybe remembering to turn Pandora on while you move about your home. This checklist is sure to bring coziness into your home today!

What are some of your favorite ways to add cozy to your home? 




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