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Storing Christmas Decorations: 5 Best Containers

Decor | January 2, 2023

If you are ready to tackle storing Christmas decorations with ease and organization, you are in the right place. I am sharing the five top containers I used in 2023 to pack up mine, and I highly recommend them. Please scroll down to check them out!


This post on the five best containers for storing Christmas decorations contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.




5 Best Containers For Storing Christmas Decorations {in 2023}


Packing up Christmas decorations is not necessarily the most fun part of the holiday season, but improving how you do it can provide organization and better prepare you for next year. 


Packing up and storing Christmas decorations


Why invest in Christmas storage containers?

Containers are my number secret to successful seasonal transitions in a home and tackling decluttering/organizational projects. When you have the right containers, everything falls into place, and the “job at hand” becomes rewarding!

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Several different Christmas storage containers stacked on floor.

Christmas storage containers!

Where to find the best containers for storing Christmas decorations?

So, as you can imagine, I was excited to find these amazing containers for storing Christmas decorations this year.  They are all from JOANN, which had a huge selection of bins, containers, baskets, bags…you name it, they had it.

And, the best is how reasonably priced they are!


woman holding wreath with Christmas storage containers behind her.

I loved what I found at JOANN.

Can we also mention how cute these are?! All coordinating is like the cherry on top! Start checking them out online at HERE!

Are you ready to see these containers up close, and how easy are they to use? Let’s go!


Christmas decorations gathered on the floor

Getting Christmas decorations ready to be stored!


Christmas Resin Storage Tote with Green Latches & Red Lid


clear bin holding stockings and woman's arm holding blanket

Placing Christmas items into the clear storage bin.


These storage totes are genuinely the “catch-all.” I used them for stockings, blankets, pillows, hand towels, figurines, and much more. The latch allows it to be sealed, keeping things fresh for next year.

Plus, clear bins are the key to easing this process because you can see what is in there. Yes, please!

Place & Time Christmas 18in Light Storage Container with 4 Cord Wraps


Person holding a Christmas light wrap to place in Christmas storage bin.

Wrapping Christmas lights for storage.


If you are a fan of the movie Christmas Vacation, you know that lights can become one tangled mess if not stored properly, haha! Enter these cord wraps; they are the best we’ve tried to store our lights!

The container holds four sets of lights, and the top is clear, so you can see what is inside.

Place & Time Holiday Storage Caddy Bag

Christmas storage bag with decorations.

Christmas storage bag holding decorations.


This bag is versatile and flexible, making it a great solution for some of those more awkwardly shaped items or heavier decorations. The straps make it so simple to carry too.

I enjoyed using it for my Christmas village homes and smaller trees.

Christmas Storage Box with Lid – Trees


Christmas ribbons in a box.

Christmas ribbon inside a clear box with Christmas trees.


First of all, can we talk about how cute these are?! I grabbed several, envisioning that I would not only use them to store Christmas ribbons, fragile decorations, and keepsakes but also for baked goods to gift to others next year!

These storage boxes are perfect to stack on top of your bigger storage bins. And, once again, clear for the win!

Place & Time Large Holiday Storage Bag With Zipper


upward view of Christmas tree being placed inside storage bag.

Placing smaller Christmas tree inside storage bag.


This is your smaller Christmas tree storage solution! I love how durable this storage bag is, and the zipper keeps it nicely sealed in storage.

I grabbed three of these for my smaller trees, and with the straps, I carried them effortlessly to storage.


woman sitting on the floor showing Christmas storage containers and bins.

Loving these new Christmas storage containers from JOANN!

Aren’t these containers from JOANN amazing for Christmas decoration storage? I feel great about how they easily held everything and that they offered organization to make unpacking next Christmas a breeze.




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