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Fantastic Ways To Store Christmas Decor

Holidays | January 3, 2020


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

Fantastic Ways To Store Christmas Decor

After Christmas, packing up can feel overwhelming if you do not have a storage solution for your decor. It is already hard enough to pack away all those gorgeous trees, twinkling lights, and the other things that contribute to a cozy holiday feel. So why not make the storage easy, budget-friendly, and practical?

I already had some larger bins on hand for the big decor pieces, but for specific, smaller decor items, I found everything I needed at JOANN! They had fantastic ways to store everything I was looking for, and they met the goals for storage solutions I was hoping for. Now, let’s check out these awesome ideas when storing Christmas decor.


String Lights Storage

I used these great storage bags to hold all of our indoor lights. There are several strands of lights I use around our home that are kept separate from our outdoor lights. So these bags were perfect, as they each hold three reels. This will make it so simple next year to know precisely which string lights stay inside and, of course, only storing ones that work! Next year all I will need to do is unroll (no mess of cords and tangles!) and drape them around smaller trees, garlands, and window sills!


Ornament Storage Container

This ornament storage container has so many wonderful features! I love that it can stack with its trays and dividers, as well as a clear view in the front so you can easily see what is inside. The material is strong enough to be tear-resistant too. You connect the dividers to fill the trays, and I even bent a couple of the cardboard pieces to hold my larger ornaments.


Stackable Plastic Trays

Stackable, interlocking trays are an excellent way to organize all kinds of holiday decorations! I used these to hold handmade ornaments, faux berries, and other trinkets that are special to us. I love how these allow for vertical storage and will fit nicely on our top shelves.

Gift Wrap Organizer

We all know this can come in handy as the holiday season wraps up. (Get it?! haha!) I wanted an organizer that would hold more than just wrapping paper, and not be too bulky. I need to lay things flat on shelves to have more floor space, so I found the perfect one at JOANN. This has several compartments allowing you to organize your paper, bags, ribbons, gift tags, and more. Plus, it zips up for great storage.


Wreath Bag

I was first drawn to this bag because of its cute plaid pattern! But it also serves as a wonderful way to safely store your Christmas wreaths up to 24 inches. Again, this one comes with handles, and allows for easy stacking on shelves with other wreaths or can hang on the wall with its handles. I try so hard not to have to use any additional space in our storage than the shelves and walls if I can help it. When things are off the floor, it looks cleaner and less cluttered.


Smaller Tree and Garland Storage Bag

I love this tree and garland storage bag we found; it is made out of the same tear-resistant material as the other storage pieces. It is long enough to hold up to two of our 4 ft and under trees. In addition to the trees, it holds four strands of garland! And there was plenty of room to fit it all in nicely. The long and wide opening on bags like these makes it a super convenient way to store these pieces.


I hope you enjoyed these fantastic ways to store Christmas decorations. Each piece is not only budget-friendly but also practical, space-saving, and easy to use. I am so excited to place these in our storage closet; they’ll be so easy to carry with their handles and easy to spot with the bright festive red for next year! What piece have you not thought about before, or tip that helped you today?


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  1. Such great storage ideas for Christmas decorations. I need some of those interlocking bins! Pinned.

  2. I love storage solutions that are functional and nice to look at too! The plaid wreath holder is such a cute idea!

  3. stacy says:

    These are great storage Ideas! I need to get a few good containers to better organize some of my decor this year. Happy New year!

  4. Tammy says:

    Great storage ideas! I broke down and got a few new storage items this year. Last year, it was totes. How do we accumulate so many Christmas items? I do need to do some purging again.

  5. Brendt,
    Your storage solutions are so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my gosh Brendt, I love all your storage ideas. I really need to make a purchase or two to get more organized.

  7. I really should just get a tree bag because I just fought with one of them trying to shove it back into the box!!

  8. Heidi says:

    Your Christmas décor storage is an inspiration! I need to purchase some of these items to help me stay organized. I love how all the storage items match too!

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