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Spring Home Tour 2024: Living, Dining, & Entryway (Part 1)

Decor | March 25, 2024

Check out my Spring Home Tour 2024: cozy, affordable decor with neutrals, greenery, and gold accents. Get inspired for your spring refresh.  Scroll down to get started!




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Photography: So Filled With Love Photography



Welcome to my Spring Home Tour 2024! Come along as I share the cozy and budget-friendly decor in our living, dining, and entryway spaces.

For the past few years, I have shared several Spring Home Tours with you, including:



Spring Entryway



Step into our entryway, where there is a mix of old and new pieces to give an inviting, collected look. A rustic antique table is the background for—a marble tray, oversized pottery, a gleaming gold mirror, and two ottomans underneath.

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Try the layering in your home spaces. For example, placing a black candle on a marble tray or a faux green plant on top of a pedestal.

It helps with varying heights for added interest and even more textures. It’s so cozy!

Shop the look HERE.


As you step into our home, you’re welcomed by a stunning gold mirror and a lifelike faux fiddle leaf plant set inside a black planter. Mirrors are a great way to add light to your home!

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Notice the vintage rug print hanging in the hallway to the right of the plant—adding more character to the space. Don’t forget, you can enjoy a discount using my code SHEGAVEITAGO, shop it here.

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Spring Living Room

As we move into the living room, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the source of our new sofas. Click here to see how they offer high-end style at an affordable price.

And don’t forget to pair them with neutral pillows for a perfect match.



Another addition is the arched cabinet near the front door, ideal for displaying decor pieces like pottery, glass hurricanes, a bust, and gold accents.

Shop similiar cabinets HERE and HERE.


Here are 3 easy steps for styling bookshelves or cabinets:

  1. Arrange larger items like books or baskets vertically or horizontally.
  2. Mix in smaller decorative objects such as vases, frames, or sculptures.
  3. Add pops of color or metallic accents strategically to create visual interest, but avoid overcrowding to maintain a clean and balanced look.

Shop the look HERE.



The coffee table is essential in your living room, providing both function and beauty. Though a splurge, this new coffee table adds a wonderful focal point to the space.

Shop the coffee table + decor HERE.


Here are my top 5 coffee table elements:

  1. Books
  2. Candles
  3. Pottery
  4. Decorative trays
  5. Small plants or succulents

Shop this look HERE.


Across the living room stands a black cabinet, simply styled with a lamp, marble piece, and framed artwork on top.

Incorporating at least one black furniture piece or decorative object adds depth to any space.



We continue to love the shades that were added to this space over a year ago. You can read all about them in this blog post here.



Lots of books are one of the best and most budget-friendly decorating elements for any home.

Find them at thrift stores or garage sales for great prices!



You’ll find plenty of candles throughout our home, adding cozy vibes to every corner.

Check out my top Spring scents here. Use code GAVEITAGO20 for 20% off!



This stunning olive tree from Amazon is one of my new favorites too!

Pro tip: Elevate this tree by placing it inside a planter. First, add packing paper, then layer Spanish moss on top for a high-end finish!



How cute is this floor lamp also from Amazon? Alongside our candles and books, I also love having plenty of lamps.

Mix in floor and table lamps of different shapes and sizes. This gold one is perfect for reading and won’t block the outside view.



Have you layered rugs before? It creates a warm and inviting vibe.

I love the combination of a jute rug underneath with a neutral patterned one on top.

Shop my living room below:


 Spring Dining Room


The standout piece is this mirror from Anthropologie, and it was definitely worth the investment!

Everything else either comes from Amazon or are pieces we’ve cherished for years. Combining one high-end item with more affordable ones adds a designer touch to the space.



This rug is versatile, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s incredibly durable.

It stands up to high foot traffic and frequent chair movement.

Shop this space HERE.



Isn’t this chair adorable? Also from Amazon!

It’s placed by the mirror to add an extra layer of interest and can be used when we have additional guests around the table.


A simple spring centerpiece idea:

  • A jute runner
  • Spring stems or garland
  • Gold candlesticks and tapers



Stacking artwork is always a great idea, and you can shop these paintings right here.

Don’t forget to use code SHEGAVEITAGO for a discount!



More books, stacked on top of a marble tray alongside a brass bowl. Layers add depth!

Another way to create layers on a console table is by using a combination of varying heights and textures. For example:

  • Start with a tall vase or sculpture as the focal point.
  • Place a stack of books or a decorative box next to it, adding some height variation.
  • Layer in a smaller decorative object or a framed photo in front of the books for visual interest.



Bookshelves in the dining room mirror the same concept as the arched cabinet across the space in the entryway.



When styling a bookshelf, mix books, decorative objects, boxes, baskets, and faux trailing plants for a layered look.



Arrange books vertically and horizontally, intersperse decorative objects, add texture with boxes or baskets, and soften the display with faux plants.



These details add such a fun touch, don’t they?

Pro tip: Display wood bead garland in a bowl or on top of a stack of books for an extra stylish look.

Shop my dining room below:



I’m so happy you joined me on this spring home tour of our entryway, living room, and dining room.

Stay tuned for our kitchen and master bedroom next!

Which space was your favorite?

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