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How To Create The Perfectly Organized Bathroom Closet

DIY | May 7, 2019


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by The Container Store; all opinions and reviews are my own.]


Do you have places in your home that, if you’re upfront, are a complete mess? Like, a black-hole of organization? Most of us do, even if we don’t like to admit it! For me, our bathroom closet was one of those places. It was easy for it to stay messy; it was “out of sight, out of mind.” I finally did something about it, and with a little help from The Container Store, the end result was AMAZING.


I am so thrilled to share the progression with you! Follow these steps and you too can create the perfectly organized (and aesthetically pleasing) bathroom closet. This project is another one of my efforts to add better organization to our home (check out our perfectly organized pantry here, perfectly organized closet here, and toy organization here). I LOVED undertaking this closet makeover. You know why? Because of the dramatic results it produced! Our bathroom closet went from crowded and cluttered to organized and refreshed. This transformation again sparks my desire to tackle other “eyesores” and poorly organized spaces down the road because of the difference it makes in our day-to-day life.


Now, I am going to take you step-by-step on how to do this in your own home. Let’s get started! Plus, at the end of the post, I provide you with a product source list for you to easily recreate your own bathroom closet makeover.


As much as it makes me cringe to do so, showing you the “before” photo of our bathroom closet allows you to see just how bad of shape it truly was in! Although there was some attempt at organizing various items, none of the items were grouped together with purpose, leaving no organization. It was difficult to see what we had (especially the 1000 bandaids that I apparently kept buying because I couldn’t find the ones we had haha!). We had old medications that were out of date. There were several linens that we no longer used that took up lots of space. All in all, it was in a bad state. Furthermore, the larger items like the euro pillows didn’t belong here. This space is definitely intended for many uses but not this many haha!

With there being so many pillows, towels, and linens that we no longer used, and several items that needed to be thrown out, I knew the first step was to take everything out first.


As you can see, I completely emptied the closet; nothing remained. It already felt better! As I emptied the bathroom closet, I created three piles: keep, giveaway, and trash. The keep pile included medicines, linens/towels, travel toiletries and bags, first aid things, and the other items that we wanted to store in this closet but needed containers of their own.

Now that I had my sorted piles, it was time to bag up all the items that were to be taken to charity in black trash bags and move them out of the house. We had a total of three large black trash bags full to donate! We also threw away several broken/mismatched containers, old medicines, and other items that were not needed and not worth giving away.


For the items we kept, it was time to have some fun by figuring out how to properly arrange them. I found so many amazing baskets, plastic containers, a first aid kit, and other pieces from “The Container Store,” and I knew that they were going to bring me the look and functionality I had been hoping for! One of my favorite parts (and my husband’s too!) was bringing back to this closet the items that had made their way to other areas of our home because of the crowdedness of this space. (For instance, some of our routinely used over-the-counter medications had wound up finding a home in the cabinet by the kitchen sink, crowding out our coffee mugs.) This allowed other areas to now have more space too; win-win! I began placing all these pieces in the closet with a purpose.


As you can see, the top shelf of our closet has a lot of vertical space above it, so I knew I wanted to put items there that are not used very often but still needed. I fell in love with these large braided storage cubes with handles (one on top shelf and the other on the floor), both holding extra linens for traveling and house guests. The white stacking baskets were also a perfect vertical solution, maximizing storage space, and great to store things that needed to be kept out-of-reach. They also have a divider so items can be further sorted.


We also needed storage that held other items, and these white baskets with lids have such a sleek look and are the perfect container. The lids add a level of child-proofing that I wanted. I utilized the larger sized basket to hold bandages, braces, travel toiletry bags, and travel size toiletries, as well as extra medication. The smaller lid baskets each had a purpose too. They contain extra medical supplies and other miscellaneous items.


Next up were these x-small water hyacinth bins, which natural color looks great next to the white storage containers and are perfect for easily seeing what is inside of them. These bins hold things like nail polish and wash cloths and are accessible to our children. The large water hyacinth bin holds OTC medicines and natural, organic options.


Having a babysitter at our home is not uncommon, so finally having this first-aid case is well overdue. Can you imagine being a babysitter in the “before” closet and trying to find a bandaid for a child, haha?! It would’ve been very tricky and time consuming. Now, anyone can get to first-aid needs immediately and it’s portable with the handle.


I am so thrilled about the “after”! My children, even just in the last 24 hours, have needed something and walked into the bathroom and out in just a few seconds because of how easy it was to find what they needed. The multi-functional bathroom closet is back to one that works great for our family and looks streamlined at the same time.

Are you inspired to create a perfectly organized bathroom closet? With the right pieces like these from “The Container Store,” you can easily experience this kind of transformation in a weekend!

  1. X-Small Water Hyacinth Bin Natural found here.

  2. Divided Stacking Basket White/Grey found here.

  3. Large/Small Nordic Baskets White and Nordic Basket Lids found here.

  4. Braided Water Hyacinth Storage Cube with Handles found here.

  5. First Aid Case Translucent found here.

  6. Large Water Hyacinth Bin Natural found here.

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