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Easter Wall Shelves Decor with JOANN

Collaboration | March 18, 2022

A great way to add Easter decor to your home is with wall shelves decor. I am sharing some creative ways to do this in your home in this post. Scroll down to check out these easy-to-do ideas!


[This post on Easter wall shelves decor contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

Easter Wall Shelves Decor

Do you decorate your home for Easter? I always enjoy decorating our home for this special holiday, and I hope you will feel inspired to try decorating your home after reading this post.

Framed bunny artwork

You may be adding Easter touches to your kitchen, living room, and other main living spaces, but have you ever thought of decorating your wall shelves for Easter?

The bunny decor on shelves

I am sharing several creative ways to add a seasonal festivity to your wall shelves this spring. Let’s check them out!

I knew right where to find my wall shelves decor supplies: JOANN. JOANN offered traditional Easter decor like bunnies, birds nests with eggs, as well as more unique items like framed Easter artwork (that is really on-trend right now with modern farmhouse decor). The complete supplies list is below.

Easter wall shelves decor

All other items are ones my daughter already had on her shelves as part of her day-to-day decorations.

[Pro-tip: Gather Easter decor items that tie into the decor items you already have on hand.]

Framed Bunny silhouette

Easter Wall Shelves Decor Items from JOANN:

  1. Bloom Room Spring Tulip Arrangement in Pot – White & Blush

  2. Happy Easter Ceramic Bunny Tabletop Decor – Green

  3. Happy Easter Wooden Frame Wall Decor – Bunny

  4. Happy Easter Speckled Egg Ornaments – Pastel

  5. Bloom Room Spring Lamb’s Ear & Berry Garland – Pink, Yellow & White

  6. Happy Easter Nest Ornament with Eggs

Items I already had on hand that are great for wall shelf decor: candles, books, ceramic vases, and jewelry holders.


Candles for shelf decor

Wall Shelves Decor Ideas

[Pro-tip: When decorating shelves, think of it in terms of varying textures and heights but coordinated with a similar look and feel.]

Glass terrarium with moss and eggs.

  1. Add framed artwork for height on your wall shelves. The wooden framed bunny wall decor looks perfect leaning against the wall on the top shelf with a candle nestled in front of it.
  2. Looking for a really creative wall idea above your shelves? Take bird’s nests and hang them on the wall with command strips.
  3. You can’t decorate spaces for Easter and Spring without adding greenery! Simply take a spring garland like the one I used here, and add it to the length of one or both of your shelves.
  4. Placing tulip arrangements and other spring items are additional ways to add greenery/flowers for an Easter look.
  5. This one may be my favorite! Grab a glass cloche or other terrarium vessel, and add green moss with Easter speckled eggs as filler. It looks so cute!
  6. Fill in the spaces with ceramic bunnies and other themed Easter decor items.

Full view of shelf decor for Easter

What idea is most helpful to you? I can’t wait for you to give these ideas a go in your own home this Easter!

Spring garland on shelves

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