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10 Affordably Cute and Colorful Decor Ideas For Spring

Decor | April 27, 2023

Spring is the perfect time to add color and cheer to your home. With the help of the JOANN Craft and Fabric store, you can quickly transform any room into a bright and playful space. Check out these ten affordably cute and colorful decor ideas for Spring, instantly lifting your mood.


10 Affordably Cute and Colorful Spring Decor Ideas





This post on affordable cute, and colorful spring decor ideas contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to freshen up your living space with vibrant and cheerful decor. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

So, I went to JOANN and found exactly what I was looking for; they have a vast selection of spring decorations that are affordably cute and colorful.


candle on coffee table with cute spring candle

Use a spring candle on top of a stack of books for coffee table decor.

Below I am sharing ten spring decorations I found at JOANN to use in our home, and they will surely make your home into a bright and inviting haven this season too.

From simple DIY wreaths to textured planters, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to transform any room in your home. 

So let’s dive in!

Spring Candles: 


kitchen corner with candle warmer and spring candle

Use a candle warmer to hold your spring candles!

Incorporating scented candles is one way to add a cozy touch to your spring decor. Spring candles can instantly make your space feel more inviting and fresh. 

This candle is one of my favorite scents from JOANN this season. Place them on your coffee table or kitchen as I did here on my JOANN candle warmer.

Floral Print Pillows


colorful printed, floral pillows in basket

Place colorful spring decor items like these pillows in the basket!

These JOANN floral print pillows are perfect for adding color and pattern to your sofas, baskets, or armchairs. 

Mix and match different prints and colors to create a playful and fun environment. They’re also excellent for snuggling up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Colorful Wall Art

If you want to add some personality to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom for the spring season, consider hanging some colorful wall art. This will help tie the entire space together while also creating a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere that’s perfect for the spring season.

You could opt for a gallery wall showcasing various photos or select a single statement piece that catches the eye. I loved this gallery wall I created with JOANN frames.

 DIY Spring Wreath


Spring wreath above kitchen stove.

Creating a DIY spring wreath is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor. There are endless possibilities regarding the materials and colors you can use. As I did here, you can add colorful butterfly picks. 


butterflies in wreath

This is another fun and creative wreath project I did with JOANN supplies.

Protip: DIY Summer Wreath with JOANN Cricut supplies

Spring-Themed Throw Blankets

Introducing a spring-themed throw blanket into your home is an affordable and effortless way to transform your space for the season. 

Pair this blanket from JOANN with some of the other colorful decor ideas on this list, like a bright wreath or a playful doormat, and it will create a cohesive and cheerful atmosphere.

Colorful Door Mats

colorful, layered doormats for spring

Colorful spring doormats from JOANN

First impressions are essential, and you can add a pop of color and personality to your home’s decor with a new doormat. 

While they may seem like a small detail, a brightly colored or patterned doormat can significantly impact the overall feel of your entryway and welcome others into your home.

Decorative Bird Houses


Farmhouse decor item: Seagrass elements like this tray

Adding decorative birdhouses to your spring decor is a charming way to bring the outdoors inside. These adorable birdhouses from JOANN come in various designs and colors. 

Hang them in your kitchen, sunroom, or back porch to create a whimsical touch that guests will love.

Textured Planters

textured white mini planter on desk to hold pens and highlighters

Think outside the box and use a planter to hold your pens!

JOANN has a variety of planters to choose from! 

One way to incorporate textured planters indoors is by grouping them together on a window sill or adding them to your desk as I did here to hold my pens. 

Floral Dishes


Spring kitchen ideas that will add charm to your space.


Pairing your textured planters with floral dishes is an excellent way to create a cohesive look for spring decor. 

The delicate patterns on these JOANN dishes drew me in, and I knew would be perfect as a jewelry catch-all next to my pen planter. 


textured white mini planter on desk to hold pens and highlighters

Think outside the box and use a planter to hold your pens!

Their floral dishes come in various shapes and sizes, and you can mix and match them to create a playful and colorful look. I loved their pitchers too.

Fun Kitchen Accessories

Garden-themed objects for a spring kitchen!

When sprucing up your kitchen for spring, add floral dishes, as mentioned above. Also, consider investing in new tea towels, canisters, and bunny-themed bowls. These small touches can add color to your kitchen.

Of course, your spring kitchen would only be complete with some flowers on display. Whether you opt for a rainboot planter of tulips on the counter (as I did here) or a potted plant on the windowsill, bringing some greenery into your space can make all the difference. 

Protip: Create an incredible Spring kitchen with these five fun decorations from JOANN.



With these ten affordably cute and colorful decor ideas for Spring from JOANN, you can transform any room into a bright and playful space. From spring candles to fun kitchen accessories, there’s no limit to how you can add cheer to your home. 

Head to a JOANN craft and fabric store to find all the necessary items, and start creating today. 

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