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5 Essential Things For A Lovely Christmas Home

Decor | November 23, 2020

Are you looking to decorate your home for Christmas but not sure where to start? I am sharing five things that will create a perfectly lovely Christmas home for anyone.

Living room Christmas tree view.

[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

You may walk into a store and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the holiday/Christmas decor they have on display.  Where do you start? What will make the most impact on my home without breaking my budget? Or maybe you have several Christmas bins that need sorting through: keep, give away, and trash.  What do you keep that will provide use year after year?

I am sharing five things for a lovely Christmas home year after year. 

Entryway decorated for Christmas.

Trees Trees Trees

Trees are, of course, essential, right!? But let’s expand on what I mean by trees, trees, trees.  I definitely suggest having at least one tall tree in your home, but also including smaller trees (i.e., 2 ft, 3 ft., etc.). One of my favorite views is to see all the lights twinkling on our trees at night.  I found these amazing pre-lit smaller trees at JOANN. I love this one and this one.  Not only are they pre-lit, but they are already placed inside a basket, which happens to be my favorite look with smaller trees.

Pre-lit small tree by the bench in our entryway.

Another tree that I’d encourage you to consider is ones that may be more untraditional. These darling wood looking gray trees come in two different sizes at JOANN.

Whimsical Christmas trees.

I love the whimsical nature of them, and they add great interest to the top of the bedroom dresser.  You can consider using wood ones like these and ones that may be metal, glass, or even plastic!  

Ribbon And Other Trimming

Living room Christmas tree with trimming!

This can often be overlooked if you are hesitant about how to add it to your own home.  But, I am here to tell you it creates such a lovely look for your home at Christmas time. I encourage you to give it a go! Let me share with you the tips below:

Tips for Trimming Your Christmas Tree (how I did mine!):

Ribbon double layered and looped throughout the tree.

  1. If you are using a faux tree like me, you will first want to fluff the branches when you pull your tree out from storage.  Separating the stems and bringing them back to life is an important first step!
  2. Start at the top. I like adding branches and other trimmings to the top of my tree.  You can also add a more traditional look with a tree topper. I found my stars and snowflakes available in-store at JOANN this year.  The twine/pine cone branches were ones I had on hand from last year.
  3. Then add some extra greenery and/or berries around.  I look for “holes” in the tree and stick the greenery to fill them and create a full look.  I found the pine and red berry spray picks here.
  4. Next up, the ribbon! A friend over on Instagram suggested the two ribbon idea, and I loved it! I choose to layer this natural with red stitches trim ribbon on top with this red/black buffalo check below it.  Again, start at the top with a length that may go about 1/3 of the way down your tree.  You will take the ribbon and insert it into the tree (pushing it towards the back and securing it onto a branch).  Then bring the ribbon out in a curved form, and repeat pushing it back to create a loop shape, as seen in the photo above.  Repeat until you are at the end of the ribbon.  Then slip the bottom ribbon out from behind the top ribbon.  Keep going around your tree with this same process, creating an overall even look!
  5. Lastly, add your ornaments! Large ornaments first, smaller ones second.

That’s it!

Holiday Pillows And Chunky Knit Blankets

A chunky knit blanket draped on the edge of the bed.

What is cozier than having blankets galore around your home during the holidays? I am here to tell you, chunky blankets are the best at this look and feel.  I have found you one that is on sale right now for under $30! Run here to grab you one or five from JOANN. 

Tip for using blankets when wanting to add a layer of coziness?

  • Pinch the center and drape it on the corner of your bed.
  • Fold lengthwise and drape across the arm of your sofa or bench.
  • Drape over an oversized seagrass basket.

Christmas pillow on entryway bench.

I found some great Christmas pillows, too, at JOANN.  Pillows are your friend for a perfectly lovely Christmas home! You can use ones that have Christmas colors, scenes, words; the options are endless! I recommend checking out this darling lumbar pillow, as well as this pillow. 

Garland And Wreaths

Wood bead garland layered with felt wording garland creates a beautiful look!

Draped garland is one of the prettiest ways to add Christmas to your home to me.  Let’s talk about how to add garland to your home with these tips below:

  • For a different look than greenery, use this wood bead garland with this felt word garland from JOANN. You can also drape wood bead garland around an oversized jug or on a table. The lettered garland is also fun to use on trees!

Garland draped around the kitchen window.

  • For a long, draping greenery garland, don’t shortchange the amount you may need.  In other words, around my kitchen sink, I twisted two strands together to create a long, draping look instead of using one garland length.  Typically garlands like mine from JOANN come with the faux wired pieces that make them easy to twist around the other. 
  • If you are using live greenery, you can use floral wire to tie garland lengths together as well as on your stairwells, window frames, and mantels.  Further, use floral wire to hold ribbons and other trimmings like bells. 
  • Want thick garland? Layer garlands on top of each other, and again, twist the wires together to secure it to the other.  If using real garland, use floral wire. 
  • Adding ribbon to garland is the same process as I described above when trimming your tree!

Wreaths hung from windowsills with ribbon.

Wreaths are like the icing on the cake! I love hanging them not just on doors but on windows! Loop a thick ribbon through the center of the wreaths and attach it to the top of your windowsill with a finishing nail that will not leave a mark after you take them down. Again, add ribbon, berries, and other elements for an attractive look.


Stockings on the mantel.

I love the look of stockings for a home at Christmas time! It’s decor that represents expectancy for that tender Christmas morning time.  When I was growing up, my mom (AKA Santa Claus) would fill our stockings with so many fun things, including toys when we were young, and candy and gift cards as we got older.  We try to do the same for our children.

These knit with fur stockings from JOANN are so beautiful! They are very budget-friendly too.  I tried a different approach to hanging our stockings this year and placed three on each side of our mantel rather than spanning them across it.  I love both looks! You can also hang all your stocking on just one side of your mantel. 

Don’t have a mantel? There are plenty of ways to still hang your stockings, from simply using command hooks or using a stand-up stocking holder. 

Christmas mantel view

Can you catch just how pretty these elements can make a home for Christmas? You don’t need tons of things to create a lovely home.  I hope you feel inspired to see how trees, ribbon + trimming, garland, wreaths, blankets, pillows, and stockings can bring the perfect look for a cozy, adorable Christmas look to your home this year and years to come.

Christmas entryway view


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