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4 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Collaboration | May 8, 2020


[This post contains affiliate links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by Bed Bath &Beyond; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

4 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

During the pandemic of COVID-19, our family remembered how much we love cooking and being in the kitchen together. With our schedules cleared, we remembered that this was something we enjoyed. Staying home allowed us time to create new recipes and enjoy a slower, meaningful mealtime together. With the addition of these fantastic kitchen appliances, our creativity soared and had so much fun taste testing these yummy new foods in our home. We highly recommend these appliances for you to try out too.


Before COVID-19, our family was occasionally cooking, with most of it being on the weekends. We had become accustomed to the drive-thru, and when we did prepare the occasional meal, they were not very exciting. We had been longing for a refresh but didn’t realize the extent of it. Being home reminded us of the joy of cooking, spending time in the kitchen creating together, and the desire to try out new recipes.


These new kitchen appliances from Bed Bath & Beyond have taken our enjoyment of being in the kitchen together to a new level of fun and excitement. We have discovered making delicious waffles, healthy smoothies, new favorite cookies, and drinking the perfect cup of espresso together. In the days ahead, we want to continue these times together in the kitchen as a family.


Now, I can’t wait to share with you our new appliances!

Belgian Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart® 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates here makes the perfect waffles! It is so simple to just pour the batter into the middle of the square plates and close the lid. I have always loved waffles, and it is lovely to have this waffle maker. We love topping ours with cool whip and strawberries or just maple syrup and butter. YUM!


Espresso Maker

Not too long ago, my husband and I stayed at a lovely Bed & Breakfast Inn that had a Nespresso maker in our room. We fell in love with these machines and wanted one for our home. This cute Nespresso® by De’Longhi Lattissima One Espresso Maker in Silky White found here is exactly what we were hoping for. Just a push of the button makes a steamy hot cup of espresso!


Plus, this Nespresso maker has a built-in milk system to easily create lattes or cappuccinos. Ahhh, so heavenly and save money from making runs to coffee shops. The maker uses these pods, and they just pop right into the top of the maker. These drinks have restored my energy in the afternoons, haha!


Vitamix Blender

Our previous blender is one we had received when we had gotten married, 20 years ago! It was definitely on its last leg. While blenders can come in all shapes and features, this Vitamix® A2500 Ascent™ Series Blender has it all. I’ll go ahead and answer the biggest question I get about it; is it worth the investment? My answer is, “yes”! Here is why…


These blenders can do more than make smoothies (which is one of the main reasons we got it!). It can make ice cream (that is super yummy), take cauliflower and turn it into rice, whip up sorbets, create hot soups, dice fresh salsa, and craft frozen coffee drinks just to name a few. It came with a recipe book and the vanilla ice cream recipe was so good! Who knew powdered sugar, milk cubes, and vanilla could be blended up in under a minute to make icecream so easily?!


The smoothies we are making with it requires no chopping; in other words, just throw in whole bananas, ice cubes, and stalks of romaine lettuce. Within 50 seconds it is perfectly blended. It has already changed to the landscape of our meals and created healthier choices for us. Win-win!

Our Favorite Smoothie Tricks? Always add a banana! It makes it so creamy and sweet tasting. And, make sure you add the ingredients into the blender as suggested (i.e., liquid on the bottom, then veggies, next fruits, and lastly ice). The blender works much more smoothly when ingredients are added in this order!


Stand Mixer

Similar to our blender, I had a stand mixer and knew how great they were. They really are a kitchen essential. But, ours was starting to need some repairs and so I couldn’t help but go for this new mixer with the beautiful hobnail ceramic bowl. Oh my word, this KitchenAid® Artisan® Stand Mixer with 5qt Ceramic Hobnail Bowl is not just functional but looks so pretty in our kitchen.


We love making cookies, especially my youngest daughter. The first day this was on our counter, she was ready to make her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It worked so well, and with it being a five qt. bowl, her mix had plenty of room to stir without the fear of splashing out. It has so many wonderful features, including various speeds, lock/unlock for the head of the mixer, and the ability to use 14 different kinds of attachments.


I hope that you are inspired to try out these appliances in your kitchen with your family. Staying home and spending time in your kitchen makes more than just great food but forever memories. We are so excited to have these on hand and continue enjoying this together.

Which one of these appliances is most appealing to you? I’d love to hear from you below.

Below is a product list for the four kitchen appliances:

  1. Espresso Maker found here.

  2. Vitamix Blender here.

  3. Belgian Waffle Maker here.

  4. Stand Mixer here.


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