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3 Ways To Create A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Decor | May 21, 2018

This is a sponsored blog post.

This is a sponsored blog post.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to update our guest bathroom, as it is the main one friends and family members alike will use when visiting our home.  While it worked, there were parts of it that were not “finished” in my mind, and it lacked the farmhouse feel I enjoy so much in our home. 


When I was envisioning this bathroom update, I narrowed my inspiration down to modern farmhouse style that included mixing various textures, nice smelling products, and embracing a touch of whimsy.

While I had some pieces on hand to get it started, it would not have been anywhere near completion without the lovely items I received from Couleur Nature and Lothantique.


From Couleur Nature’s soft bath and hand towels and marbles trays, to their braided hemp rug and fun tea caddy, this bathroom turned into the modern farmhouse look I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with it. While the amazing smells from the bath/hand soaps and candle from Lothantique are the icing on the cake.

I wanted to share with you three ways I created this modern farmhouse bathroom by using the goals from above and my new pieces from Couleur Nature and Lothantique.



1.  Textures:  What would a farmhouse bathroom be without various textures and layers? I chose these beautiful bath and hand waffle weave towels that add a pop of color to this otherwise neutral bathroom.  They are hanging from these hand forged iron hooks that each have a unique design to them. The various marble pieces add a modern feel and additional dimension to this makeover.  These heavy and handsome marble pieces include petal trays, pots, and the small canister. The pots were a must due to my love for greenery in bathrooms! And the canister holds toothbrushes nicely, while the trays provide a great way to round up and display my Lothantique soaps and candle. And don’t forget floors when considering a bathroom update.  I absolutely love natural fiber rugs, and when I saw this round, braided hemp rug, I knew it would be the perfect one for this space.




2.  Lovely Smelling Bath/Hand Products and Candles: Tapping into the five senses brings your home to life and I try to incorporate that into my decorating goals when starting or updating spaces in our home.  And, of course, what better place to have luxurious scents than in bathrooms? I was drawn to these amazing smelling scents from the Lothantique Authentic Collection that includes: milk bath soap and foam, white tea hand soap and a lavender candle. And, they most certianly smell heavenly! 


3.  A Touch Of Whimsy: When I design spaces, I like to oftentimes add a touch of fun and whimsy to the room.  For the bathroom update, I knew I’d like to incorporate more greenery but in a vessel that might be unexpected in a bathroom.  This can be anything that you may be drawn to, and for me it was this adorable and perfectly farmhouse, tea caddy! It is fun to have a bit of the expected (marble pots) then splash in something unexpected (tea caddy).  I just added a few faux tulips to the tea caddy and it accompilshed the goal I was going for. 



I am looking forward to guests utilizing this updated modern farmhouse bathroom now. It exudes warmth and personal comfort. These Couleur Nature and Lothantique items played a pivotal role in creating a modern farmhouse bathroom that I couldn’t be excited about.

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