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3 Key Benefits Of Having A Rug In Your Bedroom

Decor | July 11, 2019


[This post contains sponsored links. The item featured and linked in this post was provided by Orian Rugs; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

When it comes to bedrooms, don’t we all agree that we’d love for it to be cozy and a place we can relax at the end of a long day? Many elements contribute to creating a space like this, but one of my favorite ways is to place a rug in your bedroom, even if it is carpeted.

Rugs in bedrooms do WONDERS for transforming a bland space into a cozy refuge. Let me share with you three ways this works.


The three key benefits of having a rug in your bedroom are:

  1. It adds a layer of dimension/texture to your space

  2. It grounds your space.

  3. It can be a great way to add color to your room.

These benefits are universal, regardless of your personal style and regardless of whether it’s a kids room or master suite.

I have chosen to share with you my middle daughter’s room and the new rug found here from Orian Rugs. This is their Mandala rug from their farmhouse collection.


I wanted to show you the BEFORE (see below) of her bedroom without a rug before jumping into the key benefits. You can see, the space surrounding her bed looks fine. It is a carpeted space but looks rather unexciting. There is little focus anywhere near the floor area, keeping your eye up. It also appears a bit outdated and not inline with the rest of her room.



Adds dimension and texture

Take a look at the photo below to see how great this rug’s texture is! (Plus, it is stain and fade resistant; a win-win when choosing rugs!) A rug can add great dimension and texture to your bedroom. Another way of saying this, is that it adds interest to your space. In the before, the floor was almost nonexsistent! But now, it’s a focal point in the room. I just love how this specific rug has such a gorgeous pattern that it elevates this space dramatically!



Grounds Your Space

For the most part, we think of bedrooms having a bed (of course haha), one or two night stands and lamps, a dresser, and maybe a bench or chair. These are pretty standard in bedrooms today. But these things can feel unfinished or floating if they are spread out across a bedroom. If you add a rug below your bed area (again, where the bed and nightstands would be), then you are clearly defining a space in your bedroom and it just has a more grounded look. Go back up to the before and see how the bed seems to be floating to the middle of the room? Now check out the photo below to see how much more complete it looks to have a rug to define the bed area of this room.


Adds Color

This will apply differently to bedrooms that have carpet vs. hardwood floors, or tile vs. cement. For this room, the gold-beige carpeting was feeling dark and outdated in my daughter’s room. By adding this gorgeous bright white rug, it completely lightened up her room! It made a huge difference in this way! If you have dark hardwoods, adding a light color like this will also have the same effect. For lighter floors, if you want contrast, add a darker rug or one with bolder colors! I am thrilled with how much this rug updated and lightened her room.


Isn’t it amazing what adding a rug to your bedroom can do? By reviewing these three benefits, I hope you feel inspired to add a rug to your space too! I can’t say enough about this Orian Rug, it truly gets two thumbs up from us!


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