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6 Home Remodeling Projects That Transform A Space

DIY | May 25, 2019






If you are like me, I always enjoy a project that says, “Wow!” when you see the before and the after. Home remodeling projects are a great place to see these moments take place in, right?! Taking a space from an eyesore or something that is outdated to a beautiful and updated look is so exciting. The issue is that many folks feel like they are not equipped to tackle these kind of projects, afraid they’ll mess it up, or just concerned they don’t have the right skills. But my hope is after today you’ll feel inspired to create one of your own “A-ha!” remodeling projects in your own home.

I have joined up with several blogger friends to share with y’all five home remodeling projects that transform a space. It’s truly exciting to see what may be right around the corner for you to give a go on in your home!



This two-part series on painting kitchen cabinets takes you on a step-by-step guide from the original cabinet stained color (in our case walnut color) to the final step of caulking and clean up. At the beginning, we used Kilz primer on all cabinets, drawers, and doors. (Additionally, we had a pretty dated looking travertine backsplash.) After deciding we didn’t want to sink our budget by replacing it, we went ahead and painted it. Kilz Max Primer is great for tile.) We then sanded and did two coats of the Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines Paint in Trim and Cabinetry (we used the the Shiplap color), sanding lightly in between each coat. For detail work, we used the Magnolia Home paintbrush (2.5 inches) and for larger areas, we used a paint roller. Head here to check out part one and the before!

We were blown away at how truly transformative painting our cabinets was for our kitchen (Go HERE to see before!).  It was a lengthy project but well worth it.  I cannot wait to walk into our kitchen now, whereas before I felt like it was dark and bland.  Painting your cabinets will truly provide you with a change that is sure to impact your home’s beauty. 

My 100 Year Old Home


Leslie shared her Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court which was the bathroom in her Waco, TX fixer upper home. She took what was a gutted room and created this stunning space! Just look at that gorgeous tile on the floor plus the fabulous farmhouse style vanity she found at a local store (that happens to be one of my favorite stores in Waco too!). Go see the entire bathroom, including the tile she chose for her shower and all the inspiring details.

Happy Happy Nester


Janine shared a lovely deck remodel. She walks you through her thought process on paint choices for this project, and some tips when considering doing your own. This deck is full of gorgeous and functional seating and dining options too. I can only imagine how this deck invites you to stay outdoors all year long. You’ll defintely want to go see it for yourself.

The Pickled Rose


Kristi shared a Bathroom Remodel, that was a total remodel from destruction to a lovely finish. The floors in her bathroom are original to the home, and I love that she preserved them for this remodel. That clawfoot bathtub stole my heart too. Go take a look around her whole bathroom and you won’t believe where it all started, she did an amazing job.

The Happy Housie


Krista shared a Master Bedroom & Ensuite Reveal that is dreamy! Over a six week period she removed a closet from this space, added paneling, painted and decorated it. She provides details on each of these steps, making it easy to walk through it yourself if you’ve been looking to renovate your bedroom too. I love how bright and fresh it all looks, quite different from where it all began. Go check out how much she transformed this space.

Dreaming Of Homemaking


Sarah took on this 2019 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge – Week 6 {Final Reveal} and created this both beautiful and functioning electric fireplace. The tile surrounding was installed by she and her husband as well. I love how cozy this fireplace instantly makes this room. You are not going to believe how this space looked before, go see it for yourself and be inspired!

I hope you all enjoyed these 6 home remodeling projects that transform a space. Are you ready to tackle one of these yourself?


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